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  1. Will 1.7 be released with a megamod update? Or just stand alone for now.
  2. Oh my!! I want I want I want. Its looks so good.
  3. Oh why... I'm not gonna be able to make until this release. I want it so bad. lmao
  4. This is just all amazing. you guys are spoiling us.
  5. Aliright so I've went 1 step forward 2 steps back. first I unbound both keys and and changed them to screenshot - P, Screenshot(no UI) - F11 This resulted in neither working. (at least not that I could see as no screenshots could be found and no visible or audio sound of the camara working happened) 2. I reset all my game settings to orginal settings where screenshot - PrntScn, Screenshot(no UI) - F12 Same result. 3. Went into my steam settings and realised my screenshots were not set to save anywhere. Set them to the go to Documents/banished/screenshots. Also changed screenshot - P, Screenshot(no UI) - F11 again leaving F12 for the steam screenshot Results - F12 working for steam screenshots, I have screenshots from them saved in the correct folder; screenshot - P, Screenshot(no UI) - F11 still not working (no signs if the camara working when pressed, no screenshots found. Not sure where to move from here. I think I'm making it worse every time I try to fix it.
  6. I do use the steam version so maybe thats it.
  7. Going to try these out now and let you know
  8. Hi I know the answer to this is probably very simple but I can't figure out how to get screen shots of my town without the tool bar. I just recently found how to get ride of the icons and for all my pop of screens I just close them. i know there is a way to do this as I've seen tons of pics with out it. Could some one please clue me in. I'm completely fustrated trying to figure it out. For reference I do have the screenshot (no UI) set for my F12 button and the screenshot set for my Home button. Also I set my Icon Opacity to 0 before taking pics but the tool bar is always still there.
  9. The holidays are done, my family is gone, and I've finished everything on my need to do left with 2 days left of no work. What ever shall I do, LMAO..... Banished of course.:D

  10. Wow what a great idea. I would love something like this. I would also be very willing to help out with this project if it became a real thing. (lol I have tons of spare time) It would make it so much easier to plan with all this on hand.
  11. OMG Amazing. I can never get my towns to look like this.
  12. Any chance we are getting a xmas present in the form of 1.7 (hehehe)
  13. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  14. @QueryEverything Those houses look great.They would look really good in the water world map if we had them.