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  1. Oh boy... time to start up my addiction again
  2. Always a good way of spending your time ;-)
  3. Oh no! So many more new pretties! I'm trying to break my Banished addiction and you keep making it look so tempting all the time! That goes for @Kralyerg too.. wherever he may be hiding
  4. Well done everyone, always love seeing other people's work :-)
  5. Unfortunately I don't think I will have time to finish what I started due to commitments with work as its very busy this time of year (I run a retail store). However, take this image as a very small token of what I had planned as well as my best wishes to everyone for the holiday season. I wish everyone health, wealth and 1.7 of CC for the coming year ~Vaypah
  6. It's all very top secret.. I may post some images today...
  7. Excellent.. I best get making a town :-)
  8. Are you allowed to use MegaMod? Your post just says a Banished town
  9. One would have thought you would be used to being down and under by now
  10. Hello everyone! My names Vaypah and I'm a 30 something YouTuber who has spent far too much time playing Banished & Colonial Charter. I mostly play city building and strategy games, but I do enjoy first person shooters and such from time to time. Love the new forums btw (I didn't get the mythical e-mail, I had to signup again)