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  1. It was a test of sorts, i just saw huge food production building i wanted to see will what will happen if i use it as a main food source. I somewhat expected frequent animal diseases which will kill of animals pens or some kind of events which will make mass food production from pens impossible if you just build it 24/7. * * * I have also think that there is illogical production from 2 almost very same building. Lumber yard(cost: 40 logs, 15 stone) and a saw mill(cost: 110 logs). As you can see cost difference is somewhat minor but production from those is very different as you can see on my screenshot. Same number of workers for a whole season to make things fair, but sawmill can have 1 more worker and up the production to 1400 firewood/year. Not that big of a deal but someone clearly put an effort in artwork to make this building right which sadly doesnt have any space in economy. Maybe make sawmill crazy expensive to build so there is sense in using lumber yard till you get resources? * * * P.S. - I just remembered that because of domesticating animals, many of diseases and plagues appeared - > quote from wiki " One side effect of domestication has been zoonotic diseases. For example, cattle have given humanity various viral poxes, measles, and tuberculosis; pigs and ducks have given influenza; and horses have given the rhinoviruses. Humans share over sixty diseases with dogs[citation needed]. Many parasites also have their origins in domestic animals.[3][page needed] The advent of domestication resulted in denser human populations which provided ripe conditions for pathogens to reproduce, mutate, spread, and eventually find a new host in humans.[citation needed] " I would not mind that with exponentially larger number of animal pens and pastures plagues gets much worse and more frequent
  2. 1. Here is a screenshoot of how just broken those milk,egg and wool pens really are. Milk and egg pen produce 400 units of food on average and about +100 units in leather and feathers. For a super small tiles that ignores weather thats really insane. I decided to make large scale production and use it as a main food source. I just surrounded it with bank barns and thats about it. Infinite, reliable food. Even with a super small settlement i am already in 1/10 of max food limit. Oh i totally forgot that i have about 14k leather in those barns which i just ignored and dunno what to do with it. And about those wool pens.. with +100 wool/year just couple of them will make army of tailors super busy. It was interesting in start obtaining domesticated animals in enough numbers but very soon it became trivial. 2. Houses in in the new England set. Super cheap, super OP. I thought that this could be interesting to shift the game from obtaining enough resources to build classical extra good 6 person homes(with high cost of 1-2 homewares and and similar) to more industry development and faster expansion. Results are not good in my opinion. I can just build those 6 person homes(with a warmth of stone houses!) with some insulting price of some lumber and 6 stone and be done with it. For me atleast, trying to get enough homewares and building supplies to keep town expanding was the endgame. Keep on getting bigger fast enough with best houses or die with population aging was in the nutshell my endgame before. But now, even with the super low pop i am rich with 100k stored in 7 trading posts, beside what i have in barns. I just buy like 100 building supplies for fun. And i dont know what to do with it. * * * I hope that my contribution to testing economy will provide insight in balancing economy. I only would like to provide constructive feedback and not to bash hard working people behind the mod. Thanks for reading