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  1. Well this thread escalated. Maybe don't have a sub-forum labelled 'Suggestions & Ideas' if it's not acceptable for people to chat and explore new concepts which go against the current vision for the mod. As Stile said, 'Ouch'. We were not complaining, we meant no disrespect. It's fascinating to hear why X or Y will not work.
  2. Thank you for clarifying
  3. There is now so many new buildings in CC that it's easy to find something, think 'wow I definitely want that', build it, only to find that it's no use to you currently as you cannot supply it correctly. A typical scenario for me is: - Identify that I need 'X' resource, in this case Building Supplies. - Invest precious resources to create the 'Building Supplier' - Realise you need joists, bricks, copper etc for production. - Shed a colonial tear or two. ---- So my idea would be to make buildings locked/unbuildable until prerequisites exist. As the vanilla game has no unlockable buildings, this suggestion is likely impossible to do the traditional 'tech tree' way so perhaps just change some of the resource materials required for build to include it's production chain? E.g. Building Supplier changes from 60 Wood + 60 Lumber to instead be: 60 Lumber + 10 Bricks + 2 Joists + 5 Glass This stops the player from building the production building which they do not have the resources to supply. Other examples: Chandlery 45 Wood + 10 Tallow + 10 Beeswax, Salting House 45 Wood + 20 Salt
  4. == EDIT: Disregard, unsubbing and resubbing to the mod fixed the issue for me, icons are brown again now == This mod is not working for me on CC 1.71 - as in, icons are yellow again. Any chance you could take a look? Also, your Steam workshop page description for the mod is pointing users at the old charter website: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=503 Load order:
  5. ^ 100% this. I love how detailed some of the replacements are like the Chandlery and Building Supplier are now - I can actually zoom in to see little candle wares for barter! Kind of makes some of the vanilla buildings look bad now, the mine in particular looks naff. I like the new natural ambience as well, first impression of the bird tweets was 'oh, we really are in the wilderness' :-)
  6. Awesome, I had a funny feeling to check in today and sure enough you have released CC 1.7! Megamod felt a bit too ramshackle for my taste so really happy to see a new CC. Thank you BLS team <3 Two questions: 1) Will you eventually be releasing on Steam Workshop so I can easy share to my friends? 2) I did not see in the change notes, has the alternative trader bug been fixed? IIRC using anything other than the vanilla river trader caused random CTD's in the last version - specifically when a boat pulled up at a new trader whilst another boat was already waiting at the vanilla trader.
  7. I would love a Coastal start, e.g. a large body of water/shoreline with the trade river running into it.
  8. Very happy to hear CC 1.7 is in development. I have a suggestion for 1.7 - would it be possible to retexture the clothes of workers dependant of their profession? I'm guessing this would be a game engine limitation though. Or another idea, I would love to see a more vibrant market place. More trade stalls, with things like chickens in cages, fresh fruit on display etc. Ooh and maybe a Medieval Sheriff's building which boosts happiness very slightly, and when fully staffed slowly collects tax coin. I guess the Governor's building could be converted in this fashion?
  9. Hello everyone, Really glad to see CC return, I was a bit of a lurker on the old site and liked to check in for updates every month or so. I'm a serial gaming modder enthusiast, fond of immersion & realism. You can learn more about that here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/catoheresy/ I love history and Banished fits right into my favourite time period. I am a member of English Heritage and love recreating the towns and villages I see across the UK countryside. I also train as a historical swordsman, specialising in the Longsword - it's a lost European art. I love the time and care which has gone into Colonial Charter and I am excited to see what the BLS team creates in the future.