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  1. You sound like me! Are you sure we are not twins? LOL!
  2. Oh wowser! Sounds good.
  3. I like that idea. More "goodies" for the folks and their little towns.
  4. Did not think of that. That may well be it. Thanks.
  5. Tried that didn't help but thanks
  6. Good fences make great neighbors they say! I like that picket fence.
  7. So I have had a problem on a couple of my towns. Always the same problem. There is plenty of housing, work, food, etc. But one or two and up to four people will leave their homes, not work, not eat, nothing. They eventually, of course, die and never show up in the cemetery. Seems to occur when I am about 5 or 6 years in. Is it those silly little people or silly big me? I am using the megamod and only the megamod.
  8. Hello! I am an older gal from Arkansas. I love city building games mostly. I also crochet a lot, and sew and sometimes cross stitch. I am differently-abled and live with the hubby and Sylvia Joy the cat who sees herself as Princess of Everything!