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  1. Gotcha. That's a shame, but I can work with that. EDIT: A few more little fun ones, then I'll get back to the main event. Skylights A cubby house A tool shed (colours are for textures of hanging tools I'm working on) And my favourite so far, an outdoor oven Now, back to work on the real stuff... doing Town Centers (slow going)
  2. As I've taken a break from directly modelling and I'm playing around with optimizing my textures and creating a library of repeatable components with my existing work, I decided to make a few decorative objects that could be placed around the house: A chicken coop A Greenhouse A Dog house A rabbit or guinea pig hutch and a compost heap EDIT: Also, an idea of some of the houses I'm building with my component library:
  3. I'm gonna be making some foliage and flower boxes for bay windows and planter boxes, so I started making some shrubs. The poly count quickly reached the hundreds for even a very small model. I realised that maybe the way to go would be with a simple geometric outline of the shrub, with each face textured with a partially transparent image, to replicate a bush but with like 8 or 10 vertexes. Do banished model file types support textures with transparency? If not, what is the best method to make shrubbery? Thanks doods. ☺
  4. So, I took a break from the town halls for a few hours, and did a mockup matrix of the styles of houses that I want to build. Needless to say, things got out of hand... 11 Layouts x 6x Styles (Tier 1 & 2 each for gabled / hipped / adobe) = 66 Houses, each hand-made and unique. I think I may have gone overboard a little
  5. Last markethouses, I promise: Aztec & Mayan. Next up: Town Halls
  6. More markethouses. This time, asian-style roofs with several different styles Also, I've gone through all my textures and optimized them with the RIOT program, which is AMAZING and I'd recommend it to any modder. It shrinks 500kb texture files down to like 60kb with zero noticable difference in quality and no artifacting around seamless textures.
  7. More markethouses: A mudbrick one, and a sandstone brick one. I haven't done the inlays yet, but getting there Also two byzantine / orthodox eastern europe ones. Bright vibrant colours to match typical persian tilework. PS: I have learned to never try to make a small sphere on top of a large sphere, even as a realistic cupola. It end up just looking like a boob.
  8. Thanks! 😀 High praise from such a brilliant modder! I've been steadily building a collection of things like banners, pennants, and other decor items that I'll probably end up using in the mod as placeable objects. Just a happy byproduct of modelling, as I'm sure you'd know. 😉
  9. You make a decent point. I suppose I'm banking on the fact that the buildings aren't direct copies of the source material, just heavily inspired by them. And though it's possible to place the components of, say, a few walls, a wall arch, and a blockhouse to replicate an AoE2 barracks, it is equally possible to make any other combination of modules. Whilst I use some ideas from the game, I've done lots of research into the designs and construction materials and methodology of these time periods, and things go from there. I've taken no models, sprites, or textures from the game, and on top of everything I'm doing this for the fun of it and I'll never make profit from it. 😊
  10. These are the earlier tech ones, a halftimber and plastered brick on the left, a thatch and shingle cladded one in the middle, and a log & timber one on the right. Next up: middle east
  11. Next: Market Halls This is the first style, similar to the western europe civs in the castle age and beyond. I've also started work on the western europe civ base market (two storey but with an overhang) and then I'll do the byzantine / middle eastern variants.
  12. WALLS! I've made four types: PALISADE A Sandstone variant A Masonry wall And a Timber-framed cobblestone wall
  13. I had a go at a japanese curved roof, just a mockup at this stage. Also added a Viking Longhouse style because I love viking architecture. There's a variant with vertical buttresses, and I'll make a few variants of roof maybe with some dragons on the crossbeams or something similar
  14. Some more pieces (not compiled yet into modules) for the eaves, overhangs, verandas and pergolas. Also, I've been working on the blockhouse component. Not yet complete, but getting there. There's gonna be a one-level and a two-level variant of each style and material combo.
  15. Yeah, probably bit off more than I can chew . But the modelling is SO MUCH FUN!! Me too. I plan on having the base model be the earliest variant, then with a building upgrade to the second tier, then maybe again to a third. We'll see how far along I get. Probably not at this stage, mate. Have a go yourself if you're keen! I never got the bugger to load properly, some kind of .Net issue or Windows Update thing I think. Oh well.