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  1. I think maybe I'm putting that part off because it's all new to me and I've only just gotten ok at modelling 😝. I guess I should get around to it. Maybe I'll make a tower first as a house or a storage area, see how I go.
  2. Thanks mate! I've also got a bunch of walls I'm working on. These plus the towers and Tower caps, plus the rectangular buildings should be able to replicate all the different archery ranges and barracks. Then comes the central square buildings for the town centre, plus different styles of eaves that you see in the sprites. Then I'll make curved corner eaves that can replicate the ones you see on the market sprite, which could fit any existing CC or Market Puzzle bits beneath it. Any other ideas? I'd be happy to hear suggestions!
  3. I've been working more on my towers, which comprise of three parts: the tower body, the tower cap, and the accessory. These are the tower bodies, Scaffold, Round, Square, Octagonal, and Pyramidal. All the towers can have "caps": The Conical (as seen on french chateaus and castles) The Box, seen here with an egyptian style facade The Residential style, with hipped rooves and dormers And the Pavilion style.
  4. I absolutely agree. Tis why I made them modular, so you could theoretically have two or three rowhouses end-to-end, plus a much bigger courtyard with the modular Wall pieces and a parade ground of floor tiles. I'm also planning to have elevated and roadbound decorative objects like storage areas, armouries, and training props like dummies and archery butts and targets. It's my hope that I can eventually code them as workstations, and requiring smithy-forged items to build, like bows and weapons.
  5. I've been learning modelling, and I wanted to share some things I've been working on. I always loved Age of Empires since I was a young kid, and I've been designing a modular set that - when combined - could mimic the layout of a Barracks. COMBINED THEY FORM... I suppose that I could make the house itself either a domicile, or perhaps some kind of workshop that turned weapons and work into an exportable and/or usable resource that simulated combat experienced mercenaries. If anyone wants the models, they are welcome to them. This one is the first of many different styles that I plan on adding, all modular and enabling the simulation of many classical game buildings. What do you folks think?
  6. So I've been experimenting with modelling (first in blender, now in SketchUp because it's so much faster. Here's a sample of the towers I'm building, with inspiration taken from Age of Empires 2 (my old favourite) (http://imgur.com/a/mics4). In the front is the semi-completed set, with three different tower heights, a doorway unit on the left, and a staircase-elevated doorway on the right. So I'm wondering... what's a good vertex count to aim for? Also, what is the smallest UV map size that doesn't look crap? Finally, for anyone who uses SketchUp, are there any troubles in importing this model that I should know about? I'm guessing it's best done through Blender but I'm wondering if there are any duplication or texturing problems? Thanks guys
  7. That sunken monastery looks pretty funny, so maybe things need a model change to go underground more. What do you mean by this? Yeah you can build them on top of anything with a 4x5 space, but they look pretty off when buried in the mountainside. I used to use the quayside houses in an earlier version of CC, before folks changed the footprint. A bit of a shame (for me) because they mostly fit pretty nicely into the hillside. Still lovely houses though. Kralyerg, I wonder if a lower profile building (eg: the dock shanty) might fit into a steeper slope, like a cliff face? Like those rickety mining villages in the mountains? Just a thought mate 😊
  8. I might try doing this myself (never played with the mod tools yet though). Is it easy enough to duplicate vanilla and mod assets and change their footprint? Keeping the same model of course, for the time being? I'll bet this is a lot more complex than it sounds...
  9. Brilliant idea! Also maybe: a millstone (mill), cheese Press and butter churn (specific dairy), small loom (weaving), Chicken coop (tiny stables), garden (animal pen for veggies?) arboretum (greenhouse for fruit trees), tiny soapmaker / chandler, confectioner (tiny sugar maker), and jam shed (tiny preserver).
  10. Brilliant idea with the dock railings! Goes great with the ghost tiles of dirt underneath. I've gone crazy and put them in all the gaps in my cities! It'd be great if they could be farmed, ie: if one farmer could drift between half a dozen veggie patches, but oh well, I'll just settle for the aesthetic! 😁
  11. Also, I know it's been spoken of before but I love the idea of cellars to turn cheese into Mature Cheese (maybe a luxury item) and the same with wine (Vintage wine). Yeah, it's just value-adding to existing products, but it's a pretty common thing for people to do across cultures and times...
  12. I loved what Discrepancy did with the small tunnel mine and being able to turn it into a mushroom farm. Brilliant, and very usable for harsh mountain maps (like the one my wife and I are playing right now). But there could be more buildings that could be built into a mountainside, many which (I presume) might only require a change in the footprint of existing models, like in the docks set. Like underground homes, from Hobbit holes to pseudo-modern-ish Eco homes, to full-on underground complexes. Statistically, it's just bonus warmth traded off for huge build times. And underground aquifers, and oil drilling derricks, and abandoned mines (full of monsters maybe), and greenhouses and fuel refineries and industry foundries. All historically accurate, and it could use up the lamp oil and candles that many of us have stockpiled. Maybe the deeper and more advanced stuff needs dynamite in its build requirements, made from coal and saltpetre and sulfur? Animal pens too might be buried in the mountainside (especially for darkness-tolerant creatures like rats, rabbits, and chickens) along with woodcutters, preservers, and wineries. Practically any building that doesn't require sunlight to grow stuff could go underground 😀.
  13. Ah, ok. I wasnt sure how crop seeds were handled by the game. Can you still have"tweaked" crops with boosted stats? Ie: $8000 for the seed but bonus yield?
  14. As an afterthought, you could have an upgrade to this building called a Mad Botanist that created seeds of hybrid plants? Or cultivated deer-lettuce and duck-squash? Lol I need sleep 😀
  15. What if there was a building, say like the archaeologist, called a Horticulturalist or a Botanist that took fruits and vegetables by the thousands... And experimented on them for hours and hours... And produced improved strains of plants? Like what we've been doing since the dawn of time? It could make use of SEED DIVERSITY and similar mods. It could input vast amounts of, say for example cabbages, and after much Labor output different variants of cabbage. High yield, fast growing, frost resistant ones? Ones immune to disease or drought? It could maybe even allow export of existent seeds? (Eg: 4000 wheat -> 1 Wheat Trade Seed) Im talking about some end-game output stuff here, the sort of crops that sustain huge populations with minimal effort. Thoughts?