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  1. Much appreciated! I'd been trying to write out my own version and got thoroughly bogged down. This really helps find things you know are there but have forgotten quite where.
  2. I am honoured! My 15 minutes of fame at last!
  3. Thanks for straitening things out for me, Kevin. I hope you found the map enjoyable after you finally got to it.
  4. Just call me NitWit! It's Verdant Plains. I'm having a lovely time with it, so I hope you find it enjoyable, too.
  5. Back in early January, ozarkcrafter, I think it was, had a map with interesting lakes. Not being such a fan of lakes I slightly altered his seed and made a map in a different terrain to see what it would look like. I'd show it all here, but I don't know how. Anyway, the seed is 400600150. I used a very large map, a Mediterranean climate, and All The Wild Things as a start condition. Lo and behold a lovely island appeared. I'm having a lot of fun making a city on the island and villages all over the place. I know that All The Wild Things is basically a cheat map, but, oh, it's so much fun to see what the Banis bring home when you've sent them all out to search for stuff. I wonder what that seed will produce in Northern Pines .....
  6. Thank you very much! I was looking for the wrong thing, I suppose.
  7. I can't seem to find the CC 1.74 download. I'm probably blind, so could someone please direct me to the right place?
  8. Thanks for the update, Kralyerg, I had been keeping my fingers crossed for him.
  9. Anyone know how ShockPuppet is doing?
  10. I hate to sound like the dummy I am, but how do I find out which versions of anything I have? My Banished game on Steam has (beta) after the name, but as for the rest, I am clueless. Help?
  11. Keep those positive thoughts going! And try to find something to laugh about, laughter really works, I can testify to that as it's saved my life at least twice. After all, what would Banished be without our Shock!!??!!
  12. I made the mistake of putting in the lighthouse, the nomad well AND the Mini Town Hall and I got nomads knocking on the door every late Spring and even got them at separate places at the same time. Nothing like getting 89 nomads one place and 75 another. It was a madhouse! I shut my eyes when I turn them down so I don't have to see the disappointment on their faces.
  13. My latest town was named Inchc**k. Not sure it would go over very well with male Banifans. Made me laugh though.
  14. Thank you so much for these new spreadsheets. The ones for CC 1.62 were equally appreciated. And I have been admiring the work you have done on the Wiki .. can't imagine how long it must have taken you! ... I find I turn to the Wiki all the time especially with all the new stuff in CC 1.7, so thank you even more for ALL the work you do for us BaniFans.
  15. Love, love, LOVE CC 1.71! And I am in awe of all your talents. I would kill to be able to make my worlds look like Paeng can do. I would sell my first-born child to have the patience and talent that ShockPuppet shows. Amazing people, amazing work, and all for free!! Everyone should try to donate. Even a small sum adds up. Imagine a world with no CC in it and dig deep, people! Black Liquid may do this because they love Banished and love creating, but money makes the world go round. Thank you very, very much, Black Liquid, and anyone else who helped make this wonderful addition to Banished!