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  1. Life is just fine .. at present! But at my age, tomorrow might be different. LOL When you do decide to play this lake map again, you might have fun with an experiment: change the numbers slightly and see what you get. For instance ... the original 713809 map seed, if changed by just the last digit to 713808 gives a bigger central island. Being me, I experimented a bit, going up or down by only one digit at a time, and finding amazing changes. Map seed 712809 was particularly interesting I didn't have much time to play with the numbers yesterday, it being Thanksgiving, a sacred holiday in the US, ::rolls eyes:: but today the world can go hang while I create another 15 maps! LOL Got to love those blueberries, though .. make booze and sell it! I love being able to gather all the flowers and make perfume. And on the right map, getting the wild shepherd to collect 12 or 15 critters for you to exploit. As you said, the mod makers have made Banished infinitely replayable and so much more fun. I get excited every time anything gets updated. However, I am like a rat terrier with a rat to sniff out when it comes to achievements and find myself going back to get just .. one ... more ....
  2. Hey Kevin, long time no chat! Love this map despite not really liking water worlds. Finding it a real challenge but I'm seeing a number of ways to make a good living on it for the few settlers you start with. And ... I now have my daughter hooked on it, too! Not that it really matters but last time we talked I was at about the 1000 hour mark, then I quit for a while. I came back determined to get the Mountain Men achievement in vanilla, and once I did that I got hooked again. I'm approaching 1700 hours now. Banished really is one of those games that gets under your skin and won't let go. Glad to see that you are still playing!
  3. Hey Kevin, and all other lake lovers, This isn't a very large map, just a large, but the lake is huge. I have never seen a bigger one. Unfortunately I am a dummy when it comes to getting stuff off Steam over to here, so all I can offer are the links Steam gave me when I tried to drag and drop. Hopefully the links will work. (I'm old, my brain is wired differently! ) https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/2432383154002326229/1A037D0DB077B57B66939DEB84F270FA299F4399/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/2432383291331102259/C2E80FA545AEA8A6AA80B90F10C766399759F60B/
  4. Just MM8 RC2 and Slightly Ridiculous Storage. I made a map, put in 7 Trading posts: Old Trading Post, Trading Post, Dry Goods Supplier, Industry Supplier, Food Supplier, Farm Supplier and Industry Merchant, and 4 of them allowed lumber in and 3 didn't: Farm Supplier, Industry Supplier, and Trading Post. I only put 100 lumber in each Post and nothing else and waited to see who got it and who didn't, and I waited an entire year to see if by some chance they were just lazy Bannies, but after several Traders had visited and those Posts never got lumber I considered the test fairly definitive. I had started out with 1000 lumber in my stock pile, too, so there was plenty of lumber to take, and more being made all the time. I haven't tried the remaining Traders like the Smugglers as I have never used them and didn't really want to start now. Especially after what it took to put in those 7 trading posts! Thanks for looking into the problem. I have really been enjoying MM8.
  5. I found what I think is another bug in MM 8 RC2. Hardly any of the trading posts will load lumber for trade. I have built almost all the posts in one or other of my recent maps just to check, and the only one that reliably stores lumber is the Dry Goods Supplier, which surprised me. The Industry Supplier, the Trading Post, the Old Town Trading post, the Food Supplier, the Farm Supplier, all won't take it. This is very frustrating as I had built the map heavily forested and was making my living, I hoped, by logging and lumbering. I'm going to try again just in case it takes longer for the Traders to load it into the Post than all the other goods and I was too impatient, I'll also try the remaining Posts.
  6. Hey, Esther, I think I finally tracked the bug down, and it was the Misc designation that was doing it, as you had suggested. The barn that comes with the town when you play an Easy Map doesn't store Misc stuff, apparently. When I put in the Misc barn, things immediately appeared in it, like flowers and domesticated animals and reeds and so on. The funny thing was that when something new was being added some of the things in the barn would vanish for a few minutes and then pop back up with the new amount. If you want to try to recreate the bug, I was using Lush Plains w/o Lakes, with a Mediterranean climate, on very large , no disasters, and All The Wild Things - Easy. Oh, and the seed number, if that helps, is 505442239. Thanks very much for your advice! You're the best!
  7. I'm sorry to say I deleted that map in frustration and went back to a regular terrain map. I will, however, go and recreate that scenario and see if the same thing happens and I'll check my barns and Misc limit, too. Thanks for the suggestions! No picture, too frustrated to think of that.
  8. First of all I'd like to add my thanks to all the other people's to Kralyerg for his astounding work on MegaMod 8 RC1 and 2. I had taken a break from playing but when I saw that MegaMod 8 was done I rushed to try it out. So far I have only found one of what I think may be a bug, but I am not really good at finding bugs .. I usually think they are a feature! Anyway, the bug, if it is one, shows up irregularly when I try to build something. The ground doesn't get totally cleared at the spot designated even though the Bannies cut it all down .. usually it looks to be either reeds or bamboo lying there and nothing I can do will get it removed until the game itself poofs it away which can take a couple of seasons. And which can be maddening if you need the building! Should I be clearing the land first? I never had to before, but this is the new terrain and I thought maybe it behaves differently. I am only using 4 mods, unless you count MegaMod as 3. In order they are Slightly Ridiculous Storage, 1.0.7 Compatibility Mod, Banished UI: Maps and MegaMod 8 RC2. I checked my build and if 170910 is current, then that's ok. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  9. @KevinTheCynic Sorry to say I'm only a couple hours further towards 1100. Got sidetracked by that pesky thing called Life! I shall persevere, though. @Kerlyssa I've had Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together for years now. Highly recommend them to everyone. That's where most of my last almost 4 years of life have been spent .. I have almost 5000 hours between the two titles. I only stopped obsessing over DS when I came across Banished. I still play DST to get the weekly gifts, but once that chore is done it's back to Banished. Mind you, at my age I have all the time in the world to spend playing games. Especially when a bit physically diminished. From that point of view it's great to be old!
  10. I took a few weeks off from playing Banished and then, like you, was sooo close to 1000 hours that I just had to get there so I came back. Now I find I am at 1023 hours so of course I have to keep going to get to 1100! Can't leave it at an uneven number, now can I?
  11. Having watched the Ancient Cities video I then found myself browsing through the other upcoming city builders and older city builder videos offered on youtube which culminated in my becoming an Ancient Cities Citizen via Kickstarter! Thanks Esther!
  12. You are an artist. No other word for it. I'm always in awe of your work, as you know from what must sometimes seem like too-fulsome praise. But you keep me playing Banished in hopes of one day being able to make a town half as beautiful as the worst of yours. Thank you for sharing your towns. I look for your work every day and return to older ones time and again. In fact, I think you could make a decent living framing and selling copies of the bits you show us. Sign me up right now for your Cemetery in Moonlight and the above Campsite at Night.
  13. Much appreciated! I'd been trying to write out my own version and got thoroughly bogged down. This really helps find things you know are there but have forgotten quite where.
  14. I am honoured! My 15 minutes of fame at last!