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  1. It would be great to have that one:) Its rly hard to place buildings, farms, orchards, etc. when u see nothing due to rly dense trees. I wish to have mod from topic, bcs i would be able to: turn on mod, place everything what i want in large area (for example planning of farm complex), and then turn off mod. It is possible to make that one?:)
  2. Didnt found it before thanks;) soo, someone did translation atm;)
  3. I think about translating it to my native language - Polish. It should be easy, if there is any list of words from game and someone will show me "how to":) Is there any exists?
  4. Yep i know i can sort, and have that mod:) Still would be nice to see this materials all the time, like we see log, stone etc.
  5. Still... at town hall i see about 200 different items. Looking every time for something is painfull:|
  6. Hi. It is possible to make new window, which allows you to see available lumber, homeware, fancy homeware and building supplies? ATM every time i want to upgrade some houses or bulidings, i have to find and check how many of that items i have in town arrival, what is bit frustrating.