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  1. Thanks, I figured it out after posting
  2. Is there a difference between rice and rice seeds, I understand how to use the rice, each planter requires 100 rice. But how exactly do I use the seeds, do I just plant them in a pasture?
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm not really sure. I'm curious as to what are the most efficient farm and pasture sizes? I've searched Google but seem to get endless different results, I'd like something a bit more solid of possible? Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Thank you very much, I appreciate everything you do for us, it's most appreciated
  5. So can both mods be ran together, or will this cause issues?
  6. I just installed the new mod and i seem to have a lot of houses missing to what I had with 1.6. I am watching a play through on Youtube with the new mod and the house list looks twice as long as what I'm seeing? For example, I use the farm house a lot in mega mod, but it isn't showing now and all the icons are in grey not colour. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. One left, They started vanishing after I opened the other Trading Post and sold what was left in stock. Definitely a bug of some kind.
  8. No, they aren't domestic horses I purchased trade Horses, they sell at 250 at the trading post. The same way I have trade bison, trade cows and sheep etc. They all end up as saleable commodities within the trading Post. I literally just sold 25 trade horses from my Trading Post so I'm not sure what you mean?
  9. The plot thickens, i left the Trading post to be removed and built another. I then traded all trading horses listed in the Town Hall so i now theoretically have none left. But as you can see in the old Trading Post that is currently stuck at 6%, it is still full of horses. This has to be a bug surely?
  10. Well all my other "trade animals" are happily existing in pastures, why would they show up in thew drop down list. I have trade duck, sheep, cows all in pastures and as they breed they get put into storage areas. The same goes for these horses, I created the pasture via the pasture drop down list, maybe I am doing something wring, I'm not sure. I've added an image so you can see, I have 12 horses showing in the magazine, but other trader animals are in pastures perfectly fine.
  11. Here is a perfect example, I have put the Trading post back on remove, it is close to half empty and a baby horse has just been born. So it never empties completely!
  12. I've tried deleting the trading post but it won't start deleting due to the horses there. Every now and then someone will come along and take one of the horses but more are born so they are basically stuck there!
  13. I purchased them at the trading post, the same way i purchased all the animals at my trading post. I have pastures with all kinds of animals happily getting along with things. I had pastures set when I purchased these horses but they won't leave the trading post, they are stuck at my trading post blocking it and still breeding there. I've tried selling them, I sold 12 in one go but the ones at the post are still there.
  14. I am a newbie to Banished, but I enjoy a challenge and played my first ever games with the megamod installed on Adam And Eve mode which I love. I have been doing reasonably well but my trading post has developed a bug which I'm unable to resolve. The problem is, a family of trading horses have set up home there, they refuse to leave and goto the pasture I created for them and have now been there a few years. I've even purchased other animals since and they leave but the horses are still there. You even see baby horses appear there. It gets to the point the post is unusable as I get a notice saying there is no space left to trade. Occasionally you'll see a villager take one or 2 of these horses away, but then more are born. Is this a known bug or what have I done wrong?