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    Thank you so much for another cc modular. I am happy to be able to use parts of CC Journey. These tiered houses and shops are fantastic, I especially like the colorful awnings and those window shutters.
    How nice to have Orchard Foresters as a separate mod. Thank you so much.
    This is wonderful, thank you so much.
  1. @ShockPuppet Also sending well wishes to you and hoping you are doing well on your journey of recovering.
  2. Great looking set, unique pieces, love the hutches. Too bad not modular so everyone could use it. Say maritime dock set, farm set, forest set, that would be nice.
  3. For start condition, actually I would like all three of the choices, but I voted for Abandoned Village, sounds like my kind of town. In Stronghold some of my favorite maps that I played over and over, started with a partially built or partially destroyed settlement. Oh no, now I want to play Stronghold.
  4. Hi there, I'm a senior citizen for north central USA. I got Banished from GOG shortly after it first came out but couldn't play it on my desktop, only on my husband's laptop, so I abandoned the game until he got a new laptop. We play Heroes of Might & Magic IV hot seat. I like other Might & Magic games, Settlers, Colonization, Stronghold, The Sims, and many others. I returned to Banished recently and found many mods had been made. So I have been trying them in small groups on small maps and writing stories and posting them on worldofbanished village blog. I have a lot of mods still to try, including latest CC. Enjoying great game, great mods, and great community.