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  1. Different buildings share the same worker type. I have never used the stone gatherer but I am going to guess that it may use the "gatherer" profession. If that is the case, check your food gatherer and see if their is now an extra person there. By default the person hired will go to whichever building has the higher number of empty jobs. So if a stone gatherer is 0 of 1 job open and the food gatherer is 2 of 4 jobs, the gatherer that you tried to hire for the stone gatherer will go to the food gatherer.
  2. Only had Central Markets in my town and both are storing the luxuries. I do have Ridiculous Storage and quite sure it is going to be v16 or older, but haven't had a chance to look. Issue doesn't actually bother me so probably will just leave it until I get around to it. Just was chiming in to support @eumelbear and make sure he knew he was not crazy. Or at least not any more crazy than the rest of us.
  3. Not like it's your bank website. You think someone is going to hack your account here and post porn or something?
  4. I have wine in a small tavern as expected, but also large amounts in both of the markets I have in my town. Nothing in magazine or dock barn.
  5. I too have always had the issue where once I start producing luxuries (usually wine first) that the wine stays at the winery unless I have a tavern, coffee house, etc. However, the luxuries don't stay there in the taverns, etc. They almost always end up stored somewhere else, although I never bothered to check where. This occurs regardless of the number of Ale Wenches I may or may not hire. I will have thousands of wine but 0 or very little in the taverns, inns, and related structures. I will try and remember to look tonight and post back what I find regarding where I find the wine being stored. I will also try to watch and follow a batch of wine from the time it is picked up to its final destination. Since the game I currently have going is relatively new, I just recently created the first market structure, so there is no option other than the wine has thus far been stored in the two storage structures I have which are a magazine and a dock large storage barn.
  6. It would be my guess that everything in the game boils down to weights and values. These have to be consistent across ALL of the various products and resources. To institute a proportional system like you are referring to is an absolute nightmare to code, far worse than any possible added benefit. Even if someone wanted to try and do such a thing, the background computations required would absolutely chew up CPU cycles and grind the game to a halt, making it impossible to build a large town.
  7. Great link. Bit of a pain not being able to have all the mods gathered up and available on Steam. Hopefully comes out of beta status pretty quick and all the fantastic modders get all their goodies posted there quickly.
  8. Beautiful work as always Paeng. Wish my brain worked in a way that allowed me to make my cities this nice looking. My mind always wants to think about efficiency first, even after a few (game) years when population and resources are more than sufficient to let loose and be more creative. It's a sickness I think.
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. I use Red Ketchups clay pit and it works fine. It does not use shoreman, it uses stonecutters or miners I believe. Look in your professions list.
  11. In general, simulation games tend to be more cpu bound than gpu bound, as such at this time, I do not recommend AMD processors. Sim's also tend to like lots of RAM. The system you are looking at seems to do well from a hardware standpoint at your target price point. I would however recommend getting an SSD instead of a spinning HDD as the performance difference is substantial. If you really need a large amount of storage capacity you wouldn't want it in a single drive on a laptop anyway as you are just asking for it to crash and lose all your files. Couple other items of note. Dell, especially in their low-end Inspiron line does not have a great record for reliability. Also, just like all the consumer grade computer makers, they stuff all kinds of extra crapware into them, all of which takes up space on your drive, and adversely effects performance, often substantially. I would take a look at the Microsoft Signature store and get a system that is just pure Windows. You might also take a look at one of the boutique builders like CyberPower or iBuyPower. Side note, unless you really need a laptop, you can get a far more powerful desktop system for the same price. Happy gaming.
  12. Greetings from Texas. I have been an avid computer game player for around 40 years, back to the TRS-80 and Apple 2 days. City builders and other planning and strategy games are some of my favorites. I just recently discovered Banished and Colonial Charter and I am really enjoying them immensely. I look forward to learning from and sharing with the community.