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  1. My Antilles map gets filled with açaí/blue berries and palm trees die off.
  2. Awesome town!! LOOOOVE that red market
  3. That is awesome, thank you! So many ideas to play with that! Not only for the mill. I wanted placed the mill in the open water, so hand to build a bank to stand on the opposite side. I need to build my people an inn
  4. @AzemOcram great, thank you!! I use CC, just not the MegaMod.
  5. They look awesome in game!
  6. @AzemOcram Pardon for bumping up an old topic, but was this mod released as a stand alone or is it under the MegaMod?
  7. @Necora Sounds great! Very excited to hear that more content will be added to the set. The saw mill produces more than enough lumber for the structures and firewood for houses.
  8. The Sherbrooke set, along with the New England Colonial Buildings, inspired me to create this colonial town. (still progressing) Reason why I suggested a red/white market was because the black one didn't quite match. I want to thank @necora & @the pilgrim for creating these sets along everyone who create mods for the game. Don't want to come off as demanding or pushy but a major building that's sorta missing is a tavern. There are several great ones out there from CC or other mods but they don't really fit in.
  9. It looks awesome!! Thank you!!
  10. White and red would be perfect, so it fits in with the rest of the Sherbrooke set. Thank you, Necora!
  11. I just came across this mod and absolutely love it!! Great work on all of the sets! Would it be possible to suggest/request an F variant in white or red for the black market? I think it could be nice Thank you!
  12. Holy mother of balls.... took me a second to recognize this a Banished! AWESOME CITY!!! fantastic work and dedication; very inspirational!
  13. First comment! WOO!! Thank you guys so much!!!
  14. Haha I like the stage wagon!