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  1. Any FB account or smth, to be able to follow progress?
  2. Sadly Ostriv does not support Intel videocard
  3. Free trial version. GOG, I think ...
  4. Anyone could help me with advise? I use nonsteam Forest village. Is there a way to get and use mods? I'we tryed to do this for hours. No luck
  5. Ok, people, sorry for offtopic But frustration have reached unimaginable level Trying to install mods for life is feudal forest village. Since our (banished) community and forums are of much higher level, I hope you will help me with adwice. The question is - HOW TO GET AND TO INSTALL THOSE MODS?
  6. Well, that's OK. But in that case output of perfume production should be smaller in times. When there is business, making 4000 points per capita, it makes no sence to do nothing else, but only perfume And that disbalances game greeatly.
  7. Great news about flowers in the next release. Flowers and parfume chain is a great thing. It's just ... too much of flovers And then again, what about profitability of perfume? It is just extremelly to high. The price of perfume should be no more than 4, not 8.
  8. It seems to me, that parfume production chain is extremely profitable, highly disbalancing game. And abundance of flowers in the forests ar a bit disturbing. Is it possible to switch parfume production chain off? Well ... I could just not do parfume but flowers in the woods are still there ... I would be rather happy to get rid of them for good