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  1. that would look amazing leading up to a lakeside asian inspired garden! The tress & deco would need to be ghosted though And cos I know @Paeng loves them (me too), some could be placed diagonally. I see them all now, and it's beautiful, a stunning sanctuary
  2. @despo20 love the buildings Where the dirt is in the footprint will you have that as road tiles, or blank, so we can place road tiles or decorative pieces there? (please ) Can't wait to try them out
  3. Amazeballs! Excellent @Slavepetrich I've subbed
  4. Gather round, I have a soapbox and it's time I used it ... Rightio, I get that people want realism, I get that people want to see architecturally correct buildings, I get that some (not all) people will be offended if a traditional building is not accurate, and I accept that people will offer feedback and I accept that not everyone will be happy, however: The modders are doing this for free! Respect that they are giving up their own time, for free, respect that they are creating something for a community, for free. Rarely do the modders receive donations, I know this and to be honest, not everyone can afford to pay for the mods, so, that's ok, but, at least be grateful!! The modders are accepting of all criticism and feedback, as long as it is honest & not malicious or in anyway insulting to them. I know this quite simply because the forum is full of toing & froing with all the players and modders, and I rarely see any bad manners. So, if you don't like something because it doesn't suit you, say so (if you feel like you want to), nicely, OR simply don't download it Be nice. Honestly ... just, be nice. (I am self aware and as such I realise that there may be a hint of hypocrisy in this comment ) This is not directed at anyone in particular (and those in this thread, not you, your comments have been respectful and genuine feedback), except for those that would say something like the above. Honestly, it's not hard to say "thank you, it's not my style though", or simply move on. I for one have been in threads where I've had feedback and requests and I always try & remember to be nice, and if something hasn't tickled me, I just don't say anything (but that is rare). This, this below, should never be what happens to a modder, they should never feel that their work would be put down in such a way that they want to stop creating. It makes me mad, but, more so, it make me unbelievably sad to read that modders in this community (Banished as a whole, not here at BL or at WoB) would be spoken to in such a way. Don't put down the tools @Ketchup ignore the haters, there are most of us here that think what you're doing is excellent. Whoever said that to you ... not cool! End soapbox ... Again, not directed to those that have been having a respectful conversation and offered genuinely helpful feedback. Moderators feel free to smack me. PS: I would sponsor 1 or 2 of the buildings from Turbosquid if needed. I love a couple that have been linked, but would be open to further suggestions.
  5. Great video, watched & subbed
  6. Watched & subbed @Athena Artiste
  7. Ok, I didn't need the code, apparently it embedded itself!! All I did was copy the link from YouTube then past normally and it worked. Simply click on the "share" option of the video, copy the link it shows, then paste directly here. I don't know why it's not working for you @Paeng
  8. gah, all attempts fail, just a min
  9. Excellent work @portiadavenport Please write back if it crashes again
  10. Thank you @Kralyerg great news When the next !.8x build is being considered, may we please have roads, bridges etc organised into better sub-tools please?
  11. Wow, great work @despo20 keep it up
  12. meep! <3
  13. @portiadavenport just to try & troubleshoot What version of the game are you playing? Do you have a standard Win7 installation, eg My Documents, My Programs etc are all where they are normally What other steps have you tried doing? What mods do you now have, if you can't be bothered typing them all, screenshots are ok I know it seems a lot to troubleshoot, but hopefully only a few mins here answering questions can get you playing faster EXIT game entirely Go to documents folder and delete your auto.sav file load banished change the autosave feature to 5 (10 etc) mins open the map you wish to use save the map to a new spot (the black square) run the game OR as a safety: EXIT the game again & load it back up Play on Have you done any, all of the above? (most likely, but it's good to be certain). Don't give up, don't roll back, it may be staring you in your face