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  1. When I am low on resources I buy my X of the new animal, then let the trader refill and then buy more, the trader will stay at your trading post for as long as you keep the trade window open, you can buy & sell as much as you like in that regard. As for slow reproduction, it's part of the game dynamic, you can download a booster that @Kralyerg made "Busy Pastures" it's in his download section, that will help you.
  2. I would really like to see the terraforming become more 'natural' with the newly flattened areas. Also too, the height elevation for buildings mountains would be higher, and of course, be able to make terraces using the terraforming mods - however, this I believe is all hard coded into the game itself, that the developer didn't have the capability to allow for this. Or, because the flattening mods were made a while back before some of the newer 'tricks' were found. There is always hope .... haha
  3. @wisco how did you get the ground for the horse arena? I love your designs!!!
  4. Do you have a screenshot of it? Do have you have something built over the top (ghosted frame etc)?
  5. looks fabulous @Necora can't wait to see them
  6. I got it now I think the animals was overpowered judging by @Kralyerg now releasing a patch mod. I haven't loaded a map yet which have the domesticated animals (testing a bug on another starter map, unrelated), but I'm looking forward to the overpoweredness of it all. Hahaha
  7. I love those idea @KevinTheCynic
  8. @potis it may have been that you were using a start option that had some wild pigs, in which case you needed a hunter. Otherwise, definitely a normal pasture would have taken the pigs, if you do get that issue again, please take a screenshot and post so we can troubleshoot with you. @elemental I think it's just the same essentially that they work like gatherers, wood collectors & vendors, it's their dedicated job, so they won't pick up just anything, they focus on their 1 job, as opposed to the laborers who will dillydally and pick up all sorts of things in their pockets as part of the clearing process.
  9. I think @estherhb that @darthC# meant that when he upgraded the Shepherd's building up to the next, the Gatherer's Hut, that the gatherer's started to gather the dropped fruit. I don't think that @darthC# had any gatherers in the foresters region, not realising that the Foresters don't harvest their own fruits, they simply tend they trees, and as such you need a dedicated gatherer to work the area.
  10. Had the devs any control of the age for workers, that's a whole different conversation, but they simply can't. And I agree wholeheartedly about the young age group (the older ones, they're on their own, they can defend themselves). If nothing else (I stopped to wonder if this was a legit request anyway), it's opened up a new conversation I've been wanting a theatre for months
  11. I really like this!! Great ideas @KevinTheCynic & @elemental Could have a Jack n Jill show, or more risque: Moulin Rogue (typo specific, (TM)(c)(RT) etc reasons); Puppetry of the Penis; Vagina Monologues; Burlesque; but our very own Phantom; Beauty & the Beast; Shakespearean displays, oh, the costumes .... the splendor, I love it! And @elemental you're 100% right that mods are able to be downloaded by anyone, and you may have seen I'm an advocate for 'optional content', and for modders to feel their own art, but I just want to clear up any vagueness (I'd hoped to be discreet, but make a point), it wasn't so much the mod I had a huge objection to, it was the other comment. As to how it works, well, for those that run CC/MM there is already a "Bar Wench" ingame, add another building and use the same staff Have it as a drinking hole primarily with some fun inoffensive name for the staff.
  12. I had a few ideas about this, it could be a fun, PG addition, without having the red light lit, so to speak. But I think it was just derailed ... @Kralyerg what about a Card House, or ravamping a tavern for a "Pub", with beer garden etc. Even a Gaming Hall etc. Might a suggest an edit to that post, at your discretion. Ugh ... I have a good sense of humour, but, um, no.
  13. hi @Necora all the pieces are looking great. With the changes to the PEI set, and no front (rear) pieces, will the Bannies walk through the buildings to get to the next, or do each need to have their own piece of dock, or be connected to land? As for the set themselves, I like the idea of the dock pieces by themselves, and if you add any decorative dock pieces, BUT, I am happy if you include them with the PEI pieces as well. I'd love to see in future storage dock pieces, like the DSSV by @Discrepancy each piece of the dock can be storage, as an optional part of the docks. I'm still (stuck isn't the correct word ... maybe hovering) still with the idea about having the new forestry items by type of forest. So, all the Maple & related are together, and all their core production elements, then all the Pine, and then vanilla, with common then in the "production" tab. I keep going to build my areas by theme, and production line and I found myself going backwards and forward between each tab as I was building the Maple and the Pine. Honestly, it could just be me, so, ... Fences & gates are on my current wishlist, ghosted, or "roadbound", so that they sit flush with buildings and roads. That's a decorative piece, on the wishlist, but not my priority list. haha. Can't wait to see how all of this comes together!!!
  14. @Necora excellent news, they all look terrific!!!
  15. Following with anticipation