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  1. Yeah, no biggie @Necora it's just a sweet little mod that I had liked, it's not a game breaker (haha) figuratively speaking. Just did a play through with the mods listed as in the screenshot below, so that way I can use @tanypredator Wild range of produce, and I understand that your 'start' items won't produce, your fur & pelts etc ... (I wish you 2 could share, but I'm cool), anyway ... when I did plant your Foresters (pine & Maple), it took a hugely long amount of time for fur & pelt to be harvested by the Trappers. When they did harvest, I was only getting 12 Fur & 18 pelt, 30 game (on average) in both the "Pine" and the "Maple" forestry areas. Both regions I had completely cleared out first, and let the trees grow a good couple of years before checking the numbers. Is this normal? (I can't remember the numbers you had originally expected from the mod) I had tried another load order: Riffles; Maritimes Trees; New Flora; and Natural Diversity but found (as expected) that no New Flora items were produced BUT the furs, pelts & game were produced straight away and slightly higher numbers (sorry, no screenshots presently, though I will if needed). Alrighty, bed time here. Night.
  2. Alas, it is definitely Pesky Produce by @Owlchemist, and unless @Kralyerg knows of a way to update it, I will have to delete it. I disabled all other mods and only enabled it, and it did it. (In other news, I don't know how to play Vanilla Banished any more, ROFLMAO) If all else fails, I wonder if someone else could make a similar mod, for 107+ that does what their mod did. You would get random crops growing over the map, little tufts of wheat would pop up, or little corn stems etc ... I thought it was adorable Hahaha Pesky Produce, please
  3. Oh, I had that same pattern happen, once, in the red X marks in a mass cleared area, using the terraform, flatten terrain, where the Bannies have cleared all the resources.
  4. I spent the better part of 3 hours last night figuring it was the Pesky mod. Now, today I'm going to disable all the mods, and starting working out if it is Pesky by itself, or when it's paired with another. will update in I don't know ... a year ... hahahaha
  5. Hi @malcg60 can you please post (in order) of what mods you are using? I know it's probably long, but it's part of trobleshooting. Also, what DSSV start conditions? Which mod are you using for that. And why the DSSV start condition, ie, why are you using it. It used to be that DSSV mod needed to be in a special order, but that hasn't been the case for a little while now, so I'm a little confused as to which mod you are using.
  6. @Paeng what a great little coincidence Now I need to go see and what I can attach it to!! I love those images, and I love that little storage solution you made! If @despo20 could do something like that, deliberately, that would be excellent. The amount of fun that could be had. !! Despo, you may have guessed, I'm never one to say 'no more storage', so, go nuts! F-variant 'up the waazzoooo' as crass as that may be And only ask, if you ever really want to know, my ideas on storage, and how different limits & resources should work together ... hahahaha
  7. Please, not all of the buildings @despo20 just some, so we can play around with different building requirements @Bartender they look fantastic! My only request (in case you may have forgotten), is that the reeds are compatible with the CC version, just so the existing production chains are intact with their version. (The work around is building their reed farm, but then you end up with 2 different 'reeds' ingame, and it could be like my omelette disaster the other day, odd eggs, hahaha) @Necora I saw the picture below and immediately thought of you and the river & water effect ... it's sweet isn't it?? (I was just referring to the watermill, then I scrolled back and this little pond called to me as well.) ( @taniu thank you for the inspiration )
  8. Ahh, but how did you go with orchards? I had the produce peskying everywhere, but come trying to use an orchard, nope, cannot do
  9. Not sure, brainy is a little fuzzy. Now that I have played with riffles, I will disable it on the next map and see what happens. Report: Found it! @KevinTheCynic It's not a fault or clash with @Necora or Discrepancy's mods. After hours & hours of testing, I found the single mod that was causing the problem! It certainly lived up to its name. I remember now, when I added in the last couple of mods from here over Easter I also enabled a couple of the other mods that I'd had disabled for testing other mods ... I had completely forgotten that this mod hadn't been enabled since 107 update!! Gah ... Shame it's this mod, lol, I enjoyed seeing random wheat & corn popping up around my map!! I supposed I could enable it and just not use the orchards, and just buy in my fruit & nuts. I present to you, the Pesky Produce, pesky mod ... By @Owlchemist
  10. @KevinTheCynic thanks for writing back, Discrepancy has tried it on his PC and he can't replicate my error either. I'm not sure what it is. I've disabled the starting options and it still does it. Weirdness ..
  11. @treyco89 hiya. Have you tried listing the mods in the above manner? Have you followed the above steps? 1) What version of Banished are you running? -- You can get that from the very bottom of the loading screen, in the black bar, in the Copyright disclaimer text 2) Are you running through Steam, or an indie installation? 3) Can you post a screenshot of your load screen if you're having problems with the Banished version number etc?
  12. @KevinTheCynic can you tell when it happens? For me it's whenever I try and use an orchard from @Discrepancy I have commented on his forum thread over on WoB here Discrepancy's are loaded below, with the Production mod on the top of his list of mods. The image below shows when I even have these start conditions disabled it still happens.
  13. @taniu wow, these are where you live? They are stunning!!!
  14. @KevinTheCynic I had an odd crash yesterday, I'll see if it does it today after deleting the Autosave. Rather than a CTD it was a timout, it just hung. Will load and watch ...
  15. @Architect Have you loaded the mods in this order? 1.0.7 Compatibility (here, you will need this) CC 1.71 MM 0.07 (MM is here, click thru the sub-menu) MM 0.07 Deco Pack When you load Banished, go to the mods menu, enable the above mods, in that order. EXIT the game completely, then load it again. Check the mods menu and make sure they are still Enabled in that order. As far as I recall mods can not be listed in the Steam Workshop whilst the game version is in 'beta' mode. I don't know if that's still the case though.