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  1. Thanks @estherhb will do ummmm, so this just happened .... 1 minute there are a bunch of animals, next *whoosh* gone, I am thinking that's just a delayed visual refresh, that they must've moved, but the screen didn't catch it, just the 'vanish'. Now, my hunters ... they are definitely getting mutton, in fact I sat there watching them slaughter the sheep but the Hunting logs only show Charki, Duck etc... no mutton, no wool. The ducks & charki are producing the meat and feathers/leather - but not the mutton. Just odd ... lol.
  2. I actually noticed this bug reappeared, I'm not sure how or why, it was only a temp map, so didn't investigate too far.
  3. Thanks @Raerae in which case I have Lazy Gatherers!! All they do is grab berries, herbs etc ... Gah! I will try another gatherer, maybe the vanilla one, and the vanilla hunter, though my understanding is that the mods in MM are based from the original Vanilla buildings, so it shouldn't matter. Now, in saying all of this, my hunters stepped it up a notch in this last map and I got both meats and some leathers, but, so far no wool, definitely mutton - but wool is not even showing on my list in my town hall. So, is this a design by the devs to not have all of the produce drop all goodies, or, am I still missing a step? (most likely the latter, haha!!!)
  4. Thank you @elemental road craziness in 3 ... 2.... 1....
  5. Thank you @elemental, I think that came in MM, I do have it in my roads collection. I really do need to just designate a patch of ground in each new map and pave it with all the new roads.
  6. Necrobump. Has anyone thought further on a fishing spot/hole like a combo of the small fisherman, the tiny fisher, and the Go Hunting mods? Small enough to be a little creek size, brings some happiness for idlers (fishing is fun), but, big enough for 1-2 bannis? "Hey Bob, wanna go fishing"? "Sure Bill, what time?" They head down the creek, the 'building', maybe invisible, but decorations like chairs, umbrellas etc, fishing baskets and tackle. Powerful enough to generate 100+, but not too much. Most fisherpeople fish enough to feed themselves, and their families, so a fishing hole strong enough to support a Banni feeding himself for a year wouldn't be unheard of, plus some "extra" for the times he gets "it was thiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss big", and it really was Thoughts?
  7. Hi all, Wow, what can I say, I finally got to start some new maps this time around, thanks to @Kralyerg, @ShockPuppet (the rest of BL devs) and @Discrepancy I now get to have Discrepancy's fishing bridge on other maps now, so, I get to play on a whole new level! I am thrilled!! So, now what ... I have lazy hunters! Oh my, seriously! When I load a new map using the All the Wild Things (Easy) - (yes, I like it easy especially when I start & trash so many new maps whilst mods are in beta) I then let it run for a little and watch where the animals move and set up hunters accordingly. I use both static hunter buildings as well as the "Go Hunting" mod. The thing is ... The hunters just aren't getting a mix of animal resources, and I seem to getting far more duck meat than any other. My leather count is low (even though I have the Leather booster mod from BL), and I'm not getting a range of meat. Duck, charki, and sometimes others, but no venison (even though there are deer), and very rarely beef, even though I plant a hunter right near where they graze. I noticed in another thread @estherhb used the term "gatherer", it may just have been "one of those things", but, I just wanted to check - am I missing something, or, do I really have lazy hunters? My bannis are starving, even with up to 6 hunters on the map. Cheers ps: I am loving the new map types, fabulous work team!!!
  8. Oh, I have that road pack and I occasionally use roads from it, I need to play around with it some more I think. Thank you both @wisco & @KevinTheCynic
  9. Haha, re the hunting blind. I thought so too, but, honestly without more than 2 (I use 4 at a bare minimum) the animals can't reproduce in their pastures, even with Busy Pastures, I need at least 4 to get a good herd going, and it takes a long, long time to do so. With small fowl, chickens & ducks, I use a 5 x 10 pasture (I use a fenceless pasture mod which allows me a minimum of 4x4) mainly because it takes too long for the pasture to fill up, meaning the longer time for butchering. A 5x10 or 5x5 has a smaller "Maximum", and as such, the pasture moves along faster.
  10. Hi @azerti this question comes down to personal preference. When running MM you don't need CC, MM contains CC. If you want CC, but are unsure of MM, you can run CC by itself then add other smaller mods as you want to. I run MM with additional mods, that aren't in the MM pack, but I know other players that can't run MM due to their system, so they use CC and choose other companion mods.
  11. Hi @Reino A couple of people have asked about crashes recently, one of the common issues is that players are loading Banished, enabling/disabling mods then playing straight away. The trick is to load Banished, enable (disable if needed) the mod you are wanting to use (in this case 1.71) then use the EXIT option. Wait for Banished to close completely then reload it, and start your map. Make sure that when the map starts, if you're happy with how it spawns, SAVE the map from the menu, then I (as a precaution) QUIT, then EXIT, then reboot the game. It adds a few more mins to game time, but I rarely get crashes by doing it this way. If it's still crashing, even after this process, delete your Autosave file from the saves folder, making sure that Banished is closed first, it may also be a corrupt Autosave. Lastly, actually, firstly: Are you trying to load it on an existing map, OR are you starting a new map? Crashes from using an old map with a new mod update is common, and there is a process to make old maps work with newer mods. I don't do it, I just start a new map. See here:
  12. Very excited, excellent work @Necora
  13. I use the Meat Locker, @Ketchup has the Medieval food storage barns (in MM), and as separate downloads he has tiny & small Protein & Fruit/Veg storage barns. When my regular storage is getting too full with 'stuff', but my food storage is still empty I start the demolish process, wait til it's down to 1% empty (before the bar changes script to x% demolished), then "reclaim" the building, this pushes the food (what there is of it) into other local buildings, including the food storage, and make more room. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=195
  14. When I am low on resources I buy my X of the new animal, then let the trader refill and then buy more, the trader will stay at your trading post for as long as you keep the trade window open, you can buy & sell as much as you like in that regard. As for slow reproduction, it's part of the game dynamic, you can download a booster that @Kralyerg made "Busy Pastures" it's in his download section, that will help you.
  15. I would really like to see the terraforming become more 'natural' with the newly flattened areas. Also too, the height elevation for buildings mountains would be higher, and of course, be able to make terraces using the terraforming mods - however, this I believe is all hard coded into the game itself, that the developer didn't have the capability to allow for this. Or, because the flattening mods were made a while back before some of the newer 'tricks' were found. There is always hope .... haha