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  1. Unfortunately as Banished is in 'beta' mode, the Steam developers workshop is currently not accepting new uploads to the mod section, which means having to install mods manually from download content, forums etc.
  2. Welcome to the board @GenV You will be interested in this little mod It's just a square. No, really - that's all it is. It's an anti-pathing square - essentially blocks your Bannies from where you don't want them to be, and forces them to where you want them to go. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=294 As for the luxuries storage bit - I remember Kral posting something about it earlier in the year, if you do a search on 'shipwreck' or 'luxuries' etc you may find the post. But - for now, I would be a new luxuries storage unit closer to the trader (even a small basement storage), and see if that also helps reset their pathing. Good luck!!
  3. @Bartender thank you very much for your answer I know I appreciated it, it makes sense, and am relieved it's not a bug Don't be in too much of a rush fix the Blueberries, we may never find out who wins the Battle of the Poyens, then what will @KevinTheCynic be able to regale us with, and what will his pumpkins do? The suspense... the drama ... we must know that battle ... !!
  4. x10 treating you like it's x1? Ugh, I know that feeling @Banished&Used, haha! Glad to read that you're doing well. Please let us know if something happens again.
  5. Thank you @KevinTheCynic @Bartender I'm going to post this, then hide ... hahaha I was wondering, if for a future edition, you had wondered about adding in flowers? I use @Ketchup's mod "Garden Walls", simply for flowers, and I would love to see flowers flowering in start conditions - in amongst meadows. They wouldn't need to have to do anything, they could just be 'pretty', but, if they were to do something, they could go on to be many things: Florists (in RK's mod); Rose Hip Tea (using an apothecary, teaming with Embx perhaps and adding a recipe there) for health; Posies (Health or trade); Dyes; Paints etc etc etc *scampers off before trouble catches me
  6. When you are ready to upgrade it's a rather simple process, but it's always best to backup everything @Snapphanen The influence comes from a change of the way the game handles the flags / limits. The core stays the same, so food, log, stone, iron - but the modder community addons have changed. A lot of the older mods have been updated for the new flags & limits, and a lot of the modders are releasing newer content. The BL team here have released the updated CC version 1.75 which have the bug fixes, and also works on the Banished 1.0.7 without too many issues (some very tiny bugs, which are listed on the mod download page as people pick them up, but far less than 1.71). It also depends on what mods you are currently using as well. Is it only the BL mods, are you using mods from World of Banished or BanishedInfo? A lot of the modders will have updated, but some haven't. If you can produce a list, I can go through over the weekend and quickly see if any will cause a major issue or not. Ultimately it is up to you, but the modders are now modding for the new update, and their mods are truly marvellous!! Further reading: How to generate a list of your installed mods, without typing them out: Mods for Banished 1.07 at World of Banished http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads
  7. Hiya @BuildHappy, Apologies if you thought I had forgotten you, I hadn't - I was thinking of the best way of working this out, I think the process of elimination will be good, and tricking your game a little. Can you please download the little app here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=790.msg34744#msg34744 and run it. It's a safe little app, you can even leave it in the Banished folder, you don't need to take it out of there whilst Banished is running. Once you've run the app, can you please post the resulting .txt file back here, or you can PM me if you would like, just drop it onto the paperclip, the files can be uploaded just like the screenshots. "But, Query, .... Why? What am I doing?" The app, mod, program, bat file - what it does it reads the file structure in your Banished registry, and when you have the 'cmsort' folder in your Banished folder with it, the .txt file that gets saved will show you what mods you have installed, in their Enabled order - and noted if they are disabled, or if you choose to not delete the registry information, it will also show that they are are disabled, not in WinData folder. This shows me what's installed, what order it's in and the bonus for you - you don't ever need to hand type your mod order out again (as long as this app keeps working), and it's fantastic for when you back up your mods. When you backup your WinData folder, simply run this app, then place the .txt file that it generates in your backup folder so you know in the future what order the mods were listed in. So - why now - well, I want to try a couple of different mod combinations with you, troubleshoot the crashes, and I want to be lazy and not write out your list You're more than welcome to write them out, and add them here in text or excel, and I can play around with it that way - I just find it easier if your list is done by you, that way I know that you're double checking the load order, and I don't mess the original up. Make sense? If we can find out why your game crashes, these few minutes of list generation will be worth it Sorted List of Banished mods en 1639.txt
  8. @Banished&Used how are things going, the game still stable for you?
  9. @Ketchup thank you for the awesomeness I know I said it on WoB, but I wanted to let you know here, in this thread too. I am looking forward to some game time!!
  10. Hiya & welcome to all the new members It's a pleasure to see you all here. I'm @QueryEverything, Query, QE - I will answer to most things, and whilst I am not your hostess, I am someone you can ask information from. I check the boards on a regular basis and help out where I can. Sometimes I don't know an answer, but I will say so - other times, I'll happily troubleshoot with you. I'm not a member of the BL team, but I am avid gamer, and I love the MM & CC mods that BL have produced, so I spend a lot of my time here and on 1 other Banished based forum, so you will see quite a few posts from me - feel free to tag me, to do so, it's easy: @ QueryEverything, but no space. As soon as you start typing the @ a little drop down box will happen, so as you start typing the @ Qu etc the name will just pop up, click on that, and voila, I am tagged and I get a notification I'm needed. Please post screenshots - not an official request, just a general curiosity - the players here love seeing other villages, I know I do, and if you take screenshots of your village, please post them, don't be shy There are so many different ways players play the game, and we learn so much from each other, and screenshots show that. Or - lurk. That's ok too We have quite a few people here that are 'long time lurkers', or, as a lot of them say when they post: "First-time post, long time lurker", and that's quite ok too @Shigakuru_Z have you managed to get anywhere with your modding? There are quite a few excellent modders around, and they are all exceptional and have an abundance of patience if you have questions. If you have, and you've already posted, I'm sorry. I'll catch up, hahaha! Enjoy the forums all & again, welcome!!
  11. Hiya @Dalcyone just a quick note on the bases in CC 1.71, some bases had been bugged & couldn't be removed, so I would find a spot way, way over there - and build the different ones (if you hadn't finished already), and try removing them all. I know it was either the planter bases, or another base - ugh, the memory. So, with things like that, I build 'test' ones first, in a section where it won't matter if they get stuck. There are quite a few mods now with ghosted trees and shrubs so you will be able to find plenty of goodies to plant.
  12. @grammycat can you please post your Video settings as well? I have PMed @Bartender & @despo20 with some info (as I mentioned, I got it done, phew ) but any other corroborating info with screenshots of settings would be helpful. I'll post mine when I get my game running a bit later. I won't make y'all do all the hard work alone @KevinTheCynic 100%
  13. @Snapphanen, hi & welcome to the forum When you load the game and enable the mods - in this case, CC 1.71, have you completely reloaded the game before attempting to start a new map? Or, is this the 'reload' after you enable to mod? Do you have the complete mod - have you made sure the download is complete? The size should be: I know it's completely frustrating you get to that point you get it all loaded, then black screen of nothing, then you have me ask a bunch of questions - so, let's see if I can troubleshoot quickly for you. When you see a -1- where the number will change, scroll down to the notes, there's a series of notes there I've kept for you to have a read of. This is the process I use when starting a new mod - and it is the recommended process for any new mod installs, personally I wait til I have more than 2 or 3 so I do a few at a time, otherwise it's load/reload / load/reload for ages before game time Doing it this way will stop crashes, and it will rule out if there is a problem with your mod install. Being that you have Banished 1.0.6 from Steam - are you sure it's 1.0.6 and that you haven't been updated to 1.0.7 ?? To check, just read the yellow script at the bottom of the menu page. Just double check, if you have been updated, then just go ahead and grab the new CC 1.75 from here and run it, it's got a lot of bug patches in it which you will want, as unfortunately CC 1.71 did have some bugs. -1- Onwards (regardless of CC version): 1) Load Banished2) Navigate to mods screen3) Arrange mods into required order4) Press OK5) Wait for game to 'enable' the new order6) Back to main screen7) EXIT game entirely8) Load Banished9) Check mod load order, make sure all is ok10) Load a new map Once you've gotten to step 8 and you are loading Banished again after making sure you have CC ready to go, you will need patience for it to load. On average my load time is: -2- 2:30 before I see a loading screen 2:45 before I see the menu Given that you are running an older system, it would be safe to say you will be taking a while to run, so before you load Banished, open your favourite web browser, then double click Banished (you may need to wait for Steam to launch etc), then go down to note -2- to see the tips we use to speed up time. So, now we've finally (finally) gotten past our initial load, enable, reload, exit, load and reload - we are at step 9 - all is good, finish the steps with step 10. I know it seems a lot to go through, it takes about 15 minutes, depending on your computer, and if you have the mods ready to go etc, and you have the mod order right etc, but once it's done, it's done. You shouldn't have any crashes, you will have long load times (that's unavoidable, sorry ), but, you will be able to use CC 1.71 Notes from above: -1- It's probably worth it anyway to update everything given that there are some hardcore patch updates, including: town hall update & fixes, nomad attractor fixes, CC fixes & building fixes, new buildings, new storage to match the new storage in Banished 1.0.7 etc, the list is extensive and I would definitely recommend upgrading to the new Banished 1.0.7 & CC 1.75 - both of which can be easily done, and people are more than happy to help with any updating questions you may have, if you've worried about anything to do with upgrading, we are here to help! -2- Or - do what a few of us do - start the game, then as soon as the game has started the load process Alt+tab to another program (I always keep Chrome open to browse the forums, and I Alt+tab to that), and I shave some time off. On average 30 secs, to 1 minute. There is a technical reason why this happens, I can't remember though - I won't google and bore you, but it's not in our heads, those of us who do it, I'd say most of us have timed it, I know I have. Haha!! Or - go grab a drink and a snack Please feel free to ask any questions - but, the black screen is normal. As long as we know you've completed steps 1-10 correctly, the versions are correct and the download sizes are correct, then we know that if you're still having problems, we need to look further for you.
  14. @Banished&Used I had the same zoom imagery with the grass as well, at one stage it disappeared, then came back. I put it down to my system and my game settings, that it just simply wasn't 'dense' enough for the game to show me the grass on screen. I will check my game settings, but for comparison sake - would you be able to post a screenshot of your game's video settings, please? So we can see if it is a way that the game has been setup? Menu/Options/Video Otherwise, possibly something that @Bartender could answer - husband* took a look, he suggested that it could be a couple of things, which I will PM Bartender about, but because it may be something in our settings first, let's check them - whilst I PM Bartender. *husband is a software developer with 2 decades developing simulators, so he's not a Banished expert, but he does help where he can on 3DS & texturing answers
  15. @KevinTheCynic thank you for those screenshots, I love the Poyens story In a few days I hope to be able to leave some comments on your screenshots, but for now, please know, I have seen them, I love your village, I love that battle that you are winning via your pumpkins, I thank you for your sharing and your valiant pumpkins service! Salute!