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  1. *applauds & cheers wildly* well done, that's amazeballs!!!
  2. @ShockPuppetthis is awesome, but I have a problem seeing it in the water when placing my fishing huts etc. Is there a way to please have another colour option, say, pink perhaps? Purple is used as happiness or trade (both??), And red has been used for the unhappiness, mines etc, so, perhaps, pink? It won't get lost in the water, or in the forest. Many thanks
  3. Thank you @Kralyerg, I don't think I use any other older mods, but if anything goes amiss I will come & grab this. Thank you again.
  4. Brilliant, thank you @Kralyerg, happy to know there won't (shouldn't) be any conflicts. Will report back if I notice anything amiss
  5. Thank you @Kralyerg, do you know if it will affect @Darkbibou Tree of Life mods with the "Wild Animals", changing the meats to normal meat products? "Wild Chicken = Chicken" etc. I don't always use ToL but I occasionally go back to it for the varied Wild Animal hunting with the different types roaming the map.
  6. Hi team, Looking forward to trying this Woohoo! Thank you very much to all of those involved, @ShockPuppet I am very excited, thank you & your team for push, push, pushing on this, it's been amazing to watch the development!! A couple of questions re I use @kid1293's Fenceless Pastures v3(4??) that have a minimum of 4x4 will this conflict? I will load above CC1.7, but I wasn't sure if that would then cause a problem with the pasture changes you have made to CC. Or, have you allowed for a small pasture placement, being of 4x4? (I understand that's the lowest it goes). How will the livestock lifespan affect @Kralyerg's "Busy Pastures" downloads, I use Busy Pastures 5, fit more into the pastures. Will I still be able to use that mod, keeping it above CC. Also, your Krazy Kave mods Kralyerg, are they native to CC1.7 now or do we still download them independently? (Guessing that because there are many that you can switch on/off, like inedible foods, that you won't have packaged them in with CC, but I want to make sure :D) Many thanks, and I can't wait to load
  7. Haha, it took me a few seasons to work out it needed a Gatherer next to your Kollection I start with 4 foresters then as soon as the gatherer has started getting a good haul I pull it right back down to 2 for maintenance. Next map I'm going to see what happens if I overlap a few of the buildings and see if the gatherer gets a decent haul with a range of different items, rather than 2 gatherers per forester x XX foresters built
  8. @Necorajust sneaking in for a min Fabulous work, can't wait to test it out What about a small dairy, milk churner, to fit in the small forest area, a small extension to your dairy but where they manufacture cheese, butter, yoghurt, favoured yoghurts etc. Utilise all those berries the gatherer collects Also, mini butcher (we have the larger one in CC??) that can produce goodies from the hunter's venison. Will be able to make our very own Charcuterie /antipasto platters Very excited by the latest developments Re @KevinTheCynic idea of the stone cutter, perhaps a Mason (not sure why one hasn't been included elsewhere yet), that takes the raw stone produced from mines & quarries and turns them into "stone pieces", which give better "stone" values than the vanilla stone and therefore extends the raw materials use just a bit. The balance to the better quality stone is that we lose 1 person to a new trade, and that can alter a number of different game options, and the food producers need to carry his load of 100 per year.
  9. @Ketchup, I had a play with that too and no it's not that, and oddly, even though all other aspects of MM are active the UI changes aren't working. I will go through each of my mods and work on conflict solving and see how I go. I don't have the laptop that I was using to check them exactly but I will see what I can remember how they were setup. @stiles, thank you, I tried most of those things, and nothing. The closest I have come to is knowing that the UI Changes in MM were active on my old laptop but for some reason aren't active on here, even though MM is definitely working. If I do Enable to UI mod separately, effectively running 2 versions of it I do get the 30 wide, but it puts an odd border around it and it's almost like it's "case" is too wide. I'll spend more time troubleshooting. Thanks folks, I'll be back
  10. What I also find odd @Necora & not sure if it's the way you've coded it, or the base game, is that it's between 2 core toolbars, the speed and the settings. If it's you, as a deliberate tool, that's cool (no complaints), but if you've had no control other than "set toolbar, main", then it's just odd. @KetchupI can see why in some respects why he game won't allow you to place inside someone else's toolbar, but I'd have thought that at least the game would allow a sub-toolbar dedicated to modding already, one where you can install all of RK's into the RK folder, like in MM, where they have the sub toolbar dedicated to themes & builds. But, natively in the Vanilla game, and not needing mod creators to group your mods for you. I'm finding just as a user that there is so much more that could've been done in the original framework, but it wasn't. The ability to build your own toolbar should be one of them, especially when the modkit was release, us users could sort out our own toolbars as we added your mods. Oh well. Can't please everyone, and certainly not ones with OCD... oops. haha. Still weird as to why this new installation is only 22 across as opposed to 30. I will add the 2 new mods I installed today to the other machine and see if it changes the toolbar, if so, then it's a new mod that's doing it. Thanks all ... let's hope this gets sorted, that 2nd row is doing my head in... sighs.
  11. I have noticed that the new mods I've got from WoB are in testing stages & perhaps when finished they will install into a sub toolbar (the flowers & plants by @Discrepancy is one), and then if the Crazy Coloured trees by @Kralyerg & @ShockPuppet are also put into a sub toolbar (decorations), then that will also reduce the toolbar width. Not sure where Shock's new housing will ultimately end up, if he plans on putting it into a "collections" or "housing" toolbar. DSSV Village may stay on the main (v2 is still in Beta), and I don't know what will happen with @Necora's Maritimes. So, yup, there are a lot of mods @Ketchup but all are amazing and so very worth it!! Devs: Is there a way in the "Debug" where I can rearrange my own toolbar, or is it just the way it is? I have an idea on how I would like it to look & work, but if it's not in the debug then I have no option. Still doesn't explain why I went from 30 wide to 22. *sulks, lol
  12. The sub toolbar though won't go up to 30 on this new installation, it's stuck on 22. I don't know why it's not expanding to 30 like the original. Any ideas on why this new installation is shorter?
  13. Thank you. The beast of today is now chickens ... ugh. lol I will keep rolling, thank you ;D
  14. Hi all, How are the toolbar settings, set? Is there a way to change them at all? Is there a way to change their size, other than the 2 toolbar mods currently available? I have changed computers to game on and I've noticed that since moving all my data & mods etc over to this new computer that my toolbar is "wonky". It is no longer long, the orders of the sub-menu are different, and it's just not how it was. What is annoying that because it is no longer as long as it was the main toolbar is now 2 icons deep, rather than just the 1; the storage is now 3 rather than the 2. And because Steam won't let me have 2 instances of Banished running on 2 different systems I can't tweak settings on both at the same time, ugh. A note on settings: I have tried running on different screen settings, full screen & windowed, as well as different resolutions, largest & smallest, and these changes don't affect the toolbars. I have also disabled a couple of new mods which installed to the main toolbar rather than the sub-bars, and it did make a difference on the main toolbar, but the sub-toolbar, doesn't make sense. Especially when the original game had 30 icons across, now the new 1 only has 22. Please help! This new main toolbar is just unkind!! Images: Game settings, video Game settings, general Mods: Toolbar Buttons (Enabled); ShortToolbar (Disabled) Toolbars: Main toolbar, normal (original) Main toolbar, new (2 rows) Storage toolbar, normal (original, 2 lines, 30 wide) Storage toolbar, new (2 rows, 22 wide) Cheers
  15. Hi all, Map seeds, is there a pattern to them? Is there a format for certain content? For the last few maps I've been getting sheep, I had one chicken last week, but it's been sheep, sheep & more sheep, and whilst I do love sheep as a starter, I was wondering if there is anything in the seed sequence that determines the animals? I know with some mods they 'assist' in the determination of the animals, but if I don't specify a 'start' with the animal, and I leave it to random, how does it generate? Cheers