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  1. I didn't have a problem when I ran it @Humpledink , so not sure what is happening for you. Possibly a silly question, but when you loaded it in did you: load the game enable the mod exit the game load the game load the save enable the mod in the save map save the map (as a cautionary step, I then exit & reload the game just 'to be sure' that it's really 'switched on') Sometimes the mods won't show until you've done the last couple of steps, it's a time burner, but worth it. Drove me nuts the first time I couldn't get a mod to load correctly mid-game. haha
  2. I agree with @estherhb on the decoration side of things I was looking at your screenshot again, and I think it would look good there as a roadside rest stop, park lands etc, it wouldn't be out of place - it's not what you wanted, and it's not fixed the problem, but - it's a work around I can't fix the bug for you, but, can you please post a screenshot of what happens, so those that do bug fixes know what to look for As for the roads, do you have the MM Deco pack installed??
  3. I wonder ... If the stand alone version is installed as well, over the other 2 mods, if that would help? @clickbouyow download the mod from here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/37-covering/ Put it in your folder, enable the mod - make sure it is listed higher than MM EXIT Banished reload the game, then go back into the map and see what happen. See if that stops the crash from happening? ----- Just reread all of the above anyway - I know to run MM 007 with Banished 1.07 you need to have the compatibility mod, but I have no idea what is needed to make MM & CC 171 to work with Banished 1.07 without problems. I would still try running the standalone version if you can. Upgrade as soon as possible to the new MM, CC & use the compatibility mod, load them in this order (screenshot below), and that may help stop some crashes.
  4. @tweety you're good to go, as long as you have Banished 1.0.7+, the mod was designed specifically with the Banished 1.0.7 ModKit, so you won't be able to run it on anything earlier. They are a lot of fun to play with, maybe a little frustrating, if you have a rogue mouse, like I do (hahaha, do NOT let that put you off - don't, not at all!!), because of how fine they are, and how they work with the water, you need to just have a moment with the placement, but it is certainly worth it. I started decorating my little House Boat moorings and I loved it! Because the houses have active smoke, I figured then the boat part would have a motor, so I created a little jet etc, then, of course, there's the river ripple as it moves against things, like boats etc... and before you know it, there were more riffle pieces than boat pieces and well... I'm happy haha!! Download it, save your map, have a play, if you don't like it, go back to the earlier save Other buildings House Boats & Docks: @kid1293: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=308 PEI Shore (Shore Fisheries): @Necora: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/161-maritimes-collection-prince-edward-island-shore-fisheries/ Storage Units: @kid1293: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=272 (They are in the package: Kid - Yard Cover V1.3)
  5. CC 171 had a lot of crashes fixed in CC 175, is there any reason why you have not wanted to upgrade to CC 175? Performance concerns etc? Items from CC 171, should (unless retired), be found in CC 175, and they are designed to run in Banished 1.0.7 How far into your map are you? Do you have a save you can go back to before putting the covering up? Because, if not, and if the crash happens everytime, then you may well be stuck with it
  6. I resurrected an old map seed I had a few months back that had sheep & 2 crops, I ended up with chickens and 2 crops (1 different), the seeds can still be unreliable.... Doesn't solve the OP though oops
  7. Ok, first feedback: 1) Loaded into a very heavily modded, and busy map (I got a little debug crazy prior to the new debug, so you can only imagine what will happen to the poor map now!! haha), it's a very slow map, very heavily terraformed (and if I nearly write very heavily pregnant one more time ....) and it's got a lot of buildings on it - I was really testing the extremes on this map - AND - the upshot of it: The beta ran without any hint of a problem! Loaded it, not a thing wrong 2) The Debug menu does work as advertised, I have far too many resources to get an accurate result for you - fear not - a blank map will be forthcoming sometime later today, if noone else has crash tested it 3) @Ketchup had also asked about adding better zoom (talked about here), unfortunately closeups was not what I was testing in this last map this last week, so I don't have screenshots to compare with - SO - for those that haven't updated yet - PLEASE - PLEASE - take some screenshots, (save your camera location when doing so as well for ease of access), then update, then go back to that camera location, zoom in and screenshot again and see if there is any difference Okes That's all from me on this
  8. I have it, I'm loading it ... waiting, waiting, waiting ... hahaha
  9. Hi @Jafar_the_Barmecide, Bannies are notorious for their laziness, their 'oh, quick, over there, drop everything' things, and so on, and they are extremely frustrating!! They will change jobs, move houses, move items, do odds and bobs throughout their lifetime and in doing so, they will pickup and drop off their goods as they go. The other thing is, gain control (reasonable, haha), using specialised markets, trading posts, distributions centres & warehouses. I wrote this post last week, it may be of some help for you. From: It talks about controlling food, but the basics still apply and it still doesn't stop silly Bannies . Where all else fails, use exclusively custom/specialised storage, don't use general storage (at all), if you can help it. If there is a mod, that has some storage, but not enough of what you are after, pop into the thread, or create a new one (if it's here), over on WoB there are many modder posts to jump into, and ask for what you want, if you can describe it, and if you can, why. Ultimately, it's fairly simple when it comes to custom specialized storage, but you get the idea Good luck
  10. @Jafar_the_Barmecide is this the Choo Choo mod by @Ketchup, if so, pop over to his thread on the WoB forum, and see if in the future he's upgrading the mod, if he can adjust the tracks to allow a 'pause' function in the build time as well, so that they can be laid, then you go back and pause them, then unpause as you need them. I like @estherhb's idea that she had about laying the roads, then removing them - same too as the track. But, use roads where you would want the track to go, to get some sort of visual guide.
  11. @portiadavenport Hiya Those load orders are as per the modders instructions, @Necora has put together the load order specifically in a way that his mods will work with @Bartender's as well as @tanypredator's, in regards to the MM & CC, these too are the way that @Kralyerg has specified that they need to be loaded, as he's written the code in such a way that one works with the other and so on. Because of the way mods work, and the way modders have coded them (thanks guys ) and the descriptions on the forums, I've pieced together the best fit for me for the rest of the mods and so far, no conflicts that cause any serious issues. For the most part, if you follow what the modders have in the release notes, you should be fine. Unless otherwise specified, most new mods coming out now will be above MM & CC, all start condition mods will be higher (if not highest) in your mod order (so, the NatDivPineFlax chains), aging, seasons, etc are all at the top etc etc ... Always ask on the forums if you get stuck, and definitely, if you're still unsure post in the modders topic, they will be more than happy to help you, and troubleshoot if needed Cheers
  12. Haha, that's cool I wish my villages has such diversity
  13. Hi @Trench44 You can do a couple of things: 1) Build a trading post, even a small one, straight away: Build your production line around that area, and have a very large number set in the trading post for your goods - so the traders are constantly looking to fill the orders (even if you're not ready to sell yet). Tinned Vegetables = 10000; Flour = 50000 etc etc 2) Build a specialist warehouse, or similar (depends on what mods you have): This is my preferred way (for me, so I don't get early traders) that use workers to staff it and hold the stock, just like a trading post, but it's a warehouse. The Bannies can't access these resources until you 0 the amounts (just like a trading post). -- Included in CC is a Resource Depot , -- Included in MM is Warehouse Inc. v1.0: Adds a warehouse staffed by stockers. Tell them how much of each item you want to be stored (tools, clothing, food, etc.) and they will find those items and put them in storage until you release those items. Use multiple Warehouses to move items to various map locations. -- I personally use a mod by @Ketchup The Warehouse Inc 2.0 which is excellent & has a good size storage amount (it doesn't require additional building elements which make it excellent for early game development). it is by the same modder who did Warehouse Inc v1.0 included in MM. Ketchup has a huge range of other mods as well 3) Inedible Foods: Use the 'inedible' range of mods that are available, not all food is covered, but it may help you at least at the start to get some of the production under control. 4) Specialised markets: Set up 1 right next to the trading post / warehouse, and the market vendor will chase the map looking for the range of products you need. Once you have enough in the market. 0 the builders, then 'demolish' the market, the good will go to the local storage & picked up by the Warehouse. Then reclaim the market (they won't pick up the goods because the vendors can't access the Warehouses). Using the above 3/4 methods you can get a really good system in place, you can't prevent some items for making it into homes, but you have a good fighting chance of making sure you get the lion's share for the trading posts. To move stock around, set up 2 (or 3 points), with at least 1 Warehouse next to the trading dock. If you have a production centre on one side of the map, set up a warehouse there, and another next to the dock you want to trade from, when you need to move the goods - set the trading post to a higher number, and the next door warehouse (so you double the Bannies looking to gather the resources), then either 0 or just lessen the original amount in the 1st warehouse, so: Warehouse A, Warehouse B & Trading: Warehouse A = 50000 -> 45000 (-5000) Warehouse B = 50000 Trading Post = 50000 Warehouse B & Trading Post will rush off to pick up the 5000 you just released, then you can move from warehouse B to trading post It's not elegant, and no doubt there are other more interesting ideas people use But this is how I move goods around when I need to. I cleared the map of charcoal yesterday this way Good luck
  14. What a shame it wasn't repairable. But, I agree with Necora, about making the best out of a bad situation If anyone reads this and is able to reproduce the problem, please definitely post, the more people who can confirm a big, hopefully the more data for the bug stompers to squish it, if possible on the next update. If you're looking to add to your river decor @ShotDead , @Discrepancy has in his DSSV Jetty set a wood searcher, and when it runs out becomes derelict (2 versions), and if you attempt to demolish it, before it runs out, it becomes derelict too - by design. This way you can build a story around the area, the great River Fire, or the great River Flood - what ever Damn .... and my awesome new photoshop skills were for naught! Oh well, learning curve for next time hahaha
  15. Hi @ShotDead I've just done as @estherhb did and found that I was able to demolish my building without any problems. When you first looked at the building you saw the woodcutter icon, and the number, then when you told the building to demolish you saw the icon still, and the same number? Also, how many Laborers did you have, some buildings need to have Laborers move contents first, just like a build action, but in reverse. I had 6 woodcutters, 3 of which were assigned to the Sawmill When I started the demolish I noticed that the icons were very similar. I wasn't sure things had changed, but then I noticed the numbers in the demolish screen change, and I took note of how many active builders were working in my professions box. 4 active builders from an available amount of 30 I think what's happening for you is the the builders are very slow - so I would suggest for the time being as suggested by Esther, change the numbers. 0 the woodcutters in the Town Hall or Professions menu and add them all to the Builders. The other images show the complete timeline. Please let us know how your builders work out ps: All the credit to Esther on this, I just added pictures :D