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  1. @Ketchup, I had a play with that too and no it's not that, and oddly, even though all other aspects of MM are active the UI changes aren't working. I will go through each of my mods and work on conflict solving and see how I go. I don't have the laptop that I was using to check them exactly but I will see what I can remember how they were setup. @stiles, thank you, I tried most of those things, and nothing. The closest I have come to is knowing that the UI Changes in MM were active on my old laptop but for some reason aren't active on here, even though MM is definitely working. If I do Enable to UI mod separately, effectively running 2 versions of it I do get the 30 wide, but it puts an odd border around it and it's almost like it's "case" is too wide. I'll spend more time troubleshooting. Thanks folks, I'll be back
  2. Hi all, How are the toolbar settings, set? Is there a way to change them at all? Is there a way to change their size, other than the 2 toolbar mods currently available? I have changed computers to game on and I've noticed that since moving all my data & mods etc over to this new computer that my toolbar is "wonky". It is no longer long, the orders of the sub-menu are different, and it's just not how it was. What is annoying that because it is no longer as long as it was the main toolbar is now 2 icons deep, rather than just the 1; the storage is now 3 rather than the 2. And because Steam won't let me have 2 instances of Banished running on 2 different systems I can't tweak settings on both at the same time, ugh. A note on settings: I have tried running on different screen settings, full screen & windowed, as well as different resolutions, largest & smallest, and these changes don't affect the toolbars. I have also disabled a couple of new mods which installed to the main toolbar rather than the sub-bars, and it did make a difference on the main toolbar, but the sub-toolbar, doesn't make sense. Especially when the original game had 30 icons across, now the new 1 only has 22. Please help! This new main toolbar is just unkind!! Images: Game settings, video Game settings, general Mods: Toolbar Buttons (Enabled); ShortToolbar (Disabled) Toolbars: Main toolbar, normal (original) Main toolbar, new (2 rows) Storage toolbar, normal (original, 2 lines, 30 wide) Storage toolbar, new (2 rows, 22 wide) Cheers
  3. What I also find odd @Necora & not sure if it's the way you've coded it, or the base game, is that it's between 2 core toolbars, the speed and the settings. If it's you, as a deliberate tool, that's cool (no complaints), but if you've had no control other than "set toolbar, main", then it's just odd. @KetchupI can see why in some respects why he game won't allow you to place inside someone else's toolbar, but I'd have thought that at least the game would allow a sub-toolbar dedicated to modding already, one where you can install all of RK's into the RK folder, like in MM, where they have the sub toolbar dedicated to themes & builds. But, natively in the Vanilla game, and not needing mod creators to group your mods for you. I'm finding just as a user that there is so much more that could've been done in the original framework, but it wasn't. The ability to build your own toolbar should be one of them, especially when the modkit was release, us users could sort out our own toolbars as we added your mods. Oh well. Can't please everyone, and certainly not ones with OCD... oops. haha. Still weird as to why this new installation is only 22 across as opposed to 30. I will add the 2 new mods I installed today to the other machine and see if it changes the toolbar, if so, then it's a new mod that's doing it. Thanks all ... let's hope this gets sorted, that 2nd row is doing my head in... sighs.
  4. I have noticed that the new mods I've got from WoB are in testing stages & perhaps when finished they will install into a sub toolbar (the flowers & plants by @Discrepancy is one), and then if the Crazy Coloured trees by @Kralyerg & @ShockPuppet are also put into a sub toolbar (decorations), then that will also reduce the toolbar width. Not sure where Shock's new housing will ultimately end up, if he plans on putting it into a "collections" or "housing" toolbar. DSSV Village may stay on the main (v2 is still in Beta), and I don't know what will happen with @Necora's Maritimes. So, yup, there are a lot of mods @Ketchup but all are amazing and so very worth it!! Devs: Is there a way in the "Debug" where I can rearrange my own toolbar, or is it just the way it is? I have an idea on how I would like it to look & work, but if it's not in the debug then I have no option. Still doesn't explain why I went from 30 wide to 22. *sulks, lol
  5. The sub toolbar though won't go up to 30 on this new installation, it's stuck on 22. I don't know why it's not expanding to 30 like the original. Any ideas on why this new installation is shorter?
  6. Thank you. The beast of today is now chickens ... ugh. lol I will keep rolling, thank you ;D
  7. Hi all, Map seeds, is there a pattern to them? Is there a format for certain content? For the last few maps I've been getting sheep, I had one chicken last week, but it's been sheep, sheep & more sheep, and whilst I do love sheep as a starter, I was wondering if there is anything in the seed sequence that determines the animals? I know with some mods they 'assist' in the determination of the animals, but if I don't specify a 'start' with the animal, and I leave it to random, how does it generate? Cheers
  8. @Necora, @Kralyerg has spawners in his Krazy Kave mods, including apples Perhaps having a chat with him about how he did it would be helpful. I use that all the time for grapes Re icons, I will see how I go. I have a couple of ideas but it's putting it "to paper" is the problem currently. haha!!
  9. Meep, pick on the person who has no artistic talent at all and can barely manage MS Paint, haha! Let me see what I can do, in paint. Is there a how-to anywhere that is easy to follow that I can see how an icon is made specifically for Banished, or is it as simple as opening a 32x32 space, and save as "name"? Any tips from the gallery would be helpful and a shove to a how-to would be terrific. For what it's worth, I like your icons. So, what ones do you need at the moment? Anything specific you already have in mind? Off to eat a late dinner, then to google. BTW - I can't wait to test the new buildings!!
  10. Just jumping back before heading offline for a bit. The "New Flora" by Tany is installed higher than MM, I'm not sure which "Flax" is gathered though. I don't plant it, it's gathered. The wooden planks/lumber are produced by the inground sawmill that is in the MM trees/lumber menu in MM. I don't know what planks that then producers. I have downloaded the new update and see what happens on a new map
  11. Oh wow, I never new! *goes off to bulldoze existing pastures Thank you
  12. @Necora that is super awesome! Seriously talented work. I have loaded it all into a new map and am building now, once I have some screenshots I will let you know, I'll compile a list of feedback as well rather than just peppering it through, like last night. All in all though, it's very sleek and extremely adaptable, and I know you said those house were designed for something else, but art is art and mods are mods, both will be used and appreciated in ways that "weren't on the box". Haha!! The one thing I did notice last night, and I haven't checked it yet on this version", the Dory builder was going to the storage for the planks (made by another mod), and to the storage where the ropes are, made by the rope maker in MM), and yet would come back empty handed and not build anything. I don't know if it's because he didn't recognise either of the 2 items as they weren't created by your mod, or if there was a looping bug. The rope builder wasn't using the Flax that I have, i'm wondering if it's because it's a different Flax from another mod. I'll test again today on the new version and see if the same thing occurs. I will also put it higher in the mod order and see if that works IF it still doesn't now. Fab work, loving it!!!
  13. Ok, last one for the night, nearly bedtime I went to remove the Port Royal High House Loft Storage and it won't allow me to remove it. I've tried removing the buildings around it, the roadway, terraforming & nothing is happening. So, last bug report for the night:
  14. Back again @Necora I can genuinely stay I really enjoy your work, thank you. Here are some shots, and some feedback (not meant as criticism, just some thoughts). Firstly, a couple of typos both in the houses and in the bakery, flour is four, and the houses I mentioned above. Secondly in the buildings: Dory & Rope Builder (and possibly others, I haven't built any military buildings), there is no option to see what items are required so I don't know what I need to find & stock for them. I'm sure it's on the mod info page, just not ingame. Lastly, when placing the tailor it could not be placed on an existing road tile, I had to remove the tile, place the tailor then add the road back in. Just an odd bug. I (as a bit of fun) built the "high" Port Royal house over the low, and it worked (a little odd, but it worked), I'm wondering, in time, if you would look at making the two pair naturally, and have their joins more seamless? Here are the photos with the Port Royal Collection, the Maritime buildings, the MM Port & the DSSV Village 2 (by @Discrepancy) buildings all together. I love it!!!!
  15. @Necora great news Your new 1.4(a??) works fine now, @KevinTheCynic the new update has resolved the issue, but great find Also, hate to submit this, but a bug: Piece you have as Peice, not P I E C E. Unfortunately it is in all the little house pieces. I'm just placing them now & can't wait to see how they look
  16. Thank you very quick turn around, it's part & parcel of working within modding and us, end users, we also become Beta Testers when the needs must. Fantastic work, and glad you were able to find the cause quickly, and that it wasn't a rogue .001 accounting error No apologies needed. Having a hubby who is a coder, I understand those ;hiccups; to a perfect release. In fact I have a dozen memes around somewhere I shall have to look out & post for you to get a laugh from. Next week, for now I play & pack for my holidays Thanks @Necora & @stiles for your feedback re the BS's. I try & keep one in each outpost as well, but you're right, mixing up the tool output is a good idea. I do that as standard and only mess about with it if there's a shortage of another resource. Good idea about the "mini'. I don't often use it as it doesn't fit my current outpost layout but will try and see. I do use the "Nordic Warehouse" and in it's circle I keep a bulk amount of BS buildings. It's just a pain that you can only have 1 BS at a building. Most BS would have apprentices, so I'd hoped someone would have a building with 2
  17. I have the same noname error with my games, and similar mods installed, it's been like that for a couple of weeks, I wasn't sure what caused it and hadn't followed up as yet. I hadn't checked production, but that may explain why when I have 6 blacksmiths I have very, very tools. Does anyone know how many blacksmith buildings per population? And is there a blacksmith mod where you can employ more than one BS at a time. None of the mods I use (tiny compilation, MM & ... name escapes me), only allow one at a time. I've had to set one of my BS buildings to wood only just to try & keep up. BTW: @Necora, I've had a hospital day today and haven't had a chance to play, so I look forward to gaming tomorrow Yeah, my buildings are a completely different theme, it's just that your Orange Maritime Shorebuildings remind me of them Update: I don't have "Coal" showing, I have the icon image but no name. I do however have Steel Tools being made, I'm just not keeping up with usage which is entirely frustrating.
  18. Thank you. I am starting a fresh map so will make 1 market & 1 butcher, well away from the pastures and watch the pathing. I think you're right, but too many YouTube videos, and not enough actual information Haha.
  19. Very exciting I'm still trying to find someone who will do a Melbourne based beach set, which would fit right in with your shore theme, the seaside and all that, and we have colourful shore buildings Not that I'm adding anything on your plate, just that I have a love of the shore theme and what it means to my gameplay, what you have done has meant a lot to me, different country etc, but close to my shore heart.
  20. zOMG .... Just awesome!! I can't wait to try it out, off to download now 1) naughty question: Can we please have a 2 x2 market place? Standard influence area, but small enough to fit inline with the width of the other (original) Maritimes shore pieces. A shellfish delicacy heaven ; think of a small fishmonger, whether or not you set the flags to only pick up protein, that doesn't worry me, but I'm thinking of scattering them along the shoreline and then in the hills so that all my little bannies an nom on some fresh oysters! yummo. 2) I am loving your ideas and seeing where they are headed. I would love (and I know it's not theme accurate), but some alternate colour options down the track. Don't get me wrong, I'm black to the core and your orange is outstanding, but I do like some diversity too. I will be back in a few hours after I've given this update a good go. Ques: Can this be loaded into an existing map where there are NO previous buildings, or do I start from scratch (I'll try anyway, but it's good to ask, others will too). Oi read the instructions on the page ... honestly my excitement makes me stupid some days. I <3 @Necora's awesome talent.
  21. Thank you @Denis de la Rive I've read mixed information regarding markets, the question is: Will Production Chain workers take from the market for the production of goods OR, only from barns? e.g.: Market stock 500 beef, in its radius I build a Cow Butcher. There is no other storage with Beef at this location. Will the butcher go to the market to take the beef OR will he go to a barn in the other village for the beef stored there? i.e, the market is both residential and commercial trading
  22. Thank you Finally no running out of onions for my Beef Soup 1000 beef + 0 onions = no soup
  23. Ques: @Kralyerg, can this mod be added in "later", so that my corn fields help sustain the newly developing townies, but when I'm ready to start using it for feeding my stables, I can then "Enable" the mod, and voila, the Bannies stop eating, and my stables can use the corn. Also, when it comes to the production, that means that my Market BBQ & Market Soup will still be able to use the Beef & the Onions, but the Bannies can't use the Onions direct from storage. But they can eat the final product: Meat Soup This way I can stop them eating all the onions, but still feed them with better food?
  24. Fiverr? If it still exists for icon makers Also, how much time are you thinking the icon making will take @ShockPuppet ? How difficult is it? Hubby has an hour or 2 tomorrow where he can do something on the laptop, depending on the complexities etc. He has to wait for my hospital appointment, so I'd much rather him be productive. PM if you want to. In regards to that image @BuildHappy put up, that is a good one, very LOL worthy
  25. Ques: So I can't stop my Banis eating the Corn (Barley, Oats & Wheat) that I want to grow for the Stables then? Without adding the above mod? I want to have 2 fields, side by side, both Corn (BOW). 1 field goes to the stable, the other, then Banis can eat. It won't matter which I field I plant it in, both fields will be eaten?