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  1. I've actually noticed that a lot of non-food crops don't produce nearly what they used to in the most recent versions of Colonial Charter. Cotton/Flax/Herbs/Tobacco/etc... all of these crops seem to have been nerfed in production to the point where I need 3 to 4 times as many fields to support production than what I needed before.
  2. Personally, I like to build cities with different areas, but I also like to be able to find all of a type of building in one place. Ideally for me, All houses/raw food/processed food/etc. would have their own menu (or sub-menu in the case of food buildings and other goods) and there would still be menu for the themed sets (like the Docks, Quay, etc.). That way, if I'm building an area with a specific theme, I can find everything in one place, but if I'm looking for a specific type of building, I can just find that instead.
  3. Once you've gotten to this point, it's time long past time to be using auto purchasing.
  4. The Wild Shepard is also using the Textiles limit, not the Miscellaneous limit that it should be using.
  5. Some things I would suggest to combat this issue: Cancel any resource clearing areas in "Late Winter". This will give your farmers time to travel home again before "Early Spring". Provide places to access tools/fuel/food/clothing nearby. Even a tiny market or cart vendors nearby will keep farmers from having to travel into the city for resources/necessities. Also provide other nearby services such as worship and education. I like to build my farming areas as large swaths of fields with a central "farming community" of several homes, a general store, a worship building, a school, and a well. Then around that, I'll build a bunch of 10 x 15 farms and 15 x 15 dense orchards. They usually are planting by Spring at least this way if I don't forget to cancel those pesky resource clear orders.
  6. In an instance where this is happening, you can usually sort it out by highlighting the building site with the priority tool. Some folks have a habit of doing so a couple times in a row to emphasize to the AI, "Hey you fools, come do this thing now!"
  7. Oh my god, YES! I love it so much!
  8. Massive export of trade goods... He's got 26 Traders per year bringing in what is likely massive amounts of food. EDIT: I would love to see this save in action... lol
  9. I'm on a major David Bowie and Queen kick... with the occasional Pentatonix, Kurt Hugo Schneider, or Peter Hollens (Find him on youtube... awesome acapella stuff before he got signed, now it's still mostly acapella) As for watching, I just finished the 65 episode Banished/MegaMod collaboration by Nightghost49, Vaypah Gaming, and NobleRambler.
  10. If there's a way to affect the amount the orchard/seed type produces per tree, you could set it to 1/3 of the usual value and then you'd have a pretty balanced yearly production.
  11. Having sadly played it before due to pressure from family members, I can say that what you described is pretty accurate for Farmville, minus the ancient ruins. You start off with a pretty small area, and in order to expand you have to clear the land, grow food, collect resources, etc. I might still play it if it didn't take so **** much time to play it without forking out loads of money. lol
  12. I've used it before, thus my original 11 x 11 fields... but then while I was watching the playthough I mentioned before, and Noble mentioned that with Farmer pickup disabled, you could increase the size of the fields by 50% or so. So I gave it a try and they were much more efficient. One Worker + 11 x 11 = roughly 840 food. One worker + 10 x 18 = roughly 1280 food. Sure they take up a good bit more space, but I don't mind that much as I get so much more food from that one worker. Those calculators are great for vanilla Banished though. I'm still using it's recommendations for pasture sizes as they're already big enough. lol EDIT: Within CC/MegaMod, I find that 15x15 Dense Orchards have been very efficient with one Farmer. I need to do more testing before I'm sure that's the most efficient size however.
  13. Not to be greedy, but will we be getting similar buildings for sheep/chicken? I'm loving all the work you guys have put into CC and the collective MegaMod... so, don't be offended if I ask for more!
  14. Hi Y'all! Okay... now that we've gotten the stereotypical southern USA greeting out of the way, I'm Azure Lyrrix. I loved Banished when it came out, but stopped playing after a few months. Then Keralis started playing with the MegaMod so I re-downloaded the base game. From there I discovered the shared playthrough by NobleRambler, Vaypah Gaming, and Nightghost49. After watching a couple episodes, I knew I had to start playing with the MegaMod... so here I am. I'll probably ask a bunch of questions and make some suggestions here and there if I find something I'd like to have or think would work well with other features. I've been playing for a couple days, getting used to the mods, and thus far I've avoided cheating in buildings... although I'm tempted to create a start based around the Old Castle storage building. Here's my current build "Runnewing" (in which I've learned that 10x18 fields are much more effective than 11x11.) Runnewing City (Imgur Image Upload)
  15. Any chance of larger (and more efficient) animal pens then? I would assume they would have a proportionately higher cost in both resources and domesticated animals... maybe with a possible second worker slot for even more production. (i.e.- one stable-hand can care for the animals and produce goods, but two can really maximize the building's output) For instance a Cattle Barn could require 40 wood and 12 domesticated animals. With one worker it would output good equal to 1.5 Milk Pens. With two workers it should output goods equal to 3 Milk Pens. So, you would get the same goods as 3 pens for slightly more construction materials, but use less workforce to produce the goods. Perhaps the building should have a 5 x 6 footprint (plus road strip), which is slightly larger than the space used by three pens (3x9, plus road strip).