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  1. It wasn't a ressource availability issue, iron wasn'T necessary for the building either. @Raerae it seems you were right when I reproduced the issue. Clearing land was a job done by the laborers (though this is after I reproduced the issue, i wil never know if that is actually what caused the issue that brought me here at first) and once the building i queued up was cleared, all the ressources were brought and it only took me to turn builders back on for it to get finished.
  2. I've noticed in a new game using CC 1.62 that builders would not build when all ressources were available and stockpiled. They would spend most of their time acting as normal laborers, picking up ressources and shuttling them to a nearby stockpile. I've focused on several builders during that process and it does say 'xxxx (name) builder is picking up ressources' and so on just as if they were a laborer. Anything wrong here? or might I have missed another post that answered that issue?