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  1. Thank you! I don't know why they didn't work before but they're working now! You guys really do great work and make this game 1000% better and somehow continue to improve on that even
  2. Hello all, as I am new here please excuse any ignorance on my part. I've played Banished for a couple hundred hours or so and have mostly used CC but recently started using the MM. Well the frustration of keeping the foods I want to put into production out of the greedy lil hands of my villagers became too much and I found the Inedible Mods. I have a few related questions: Can you introduce the Inedible Mods to an existing save? Are the Inedible Mods compatible with MM? Which goes on top in the loading order: MM or the Inedibles? Are there any other things I may not be doing in order to make these mods work together? Is it possible in future installments of MM to build the Inedible Mods in so you could choose what foods you want the general population to avoid by say adding a checkbox next to food items? Thank you in advance for any help.