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  1. Does it mean that gold is useless in this mod?
  2. Hi all: I've read the "Icon chart for Colonial Charter". It told me that gold are created from Foundry. When I build the foundry, never seeing the gold option. I also built the forge, but I still didn't see the gold option. My Colonial Charter version is 1.62 which is downloaded from this site. By the way, I checked the Mod detail, foundry was not overridden. So..., how to produce gold?
  3. Thanks, guys. Well,It looks like I still need to ask mod maker for the resource file. Can I just ask for .rsc file instead of all mod resource (.fbx, .png....)? PS: Who is cc mod developer?
  4. If I want to create a new building which produces resource from other mod, I should ask the mod developer for the mod resource. I don't want to change any parameter from the resource, but let them produced by my new building. Is there any way just referenced the .pkm file? All I know is we can reference "storage" section, but we can't reference any section associated with "Model".
  5. I would like to change value max length used to set resource limit(like food, log, iron, stone...etc) in produce building and trading building. I tried to modify some .rsc file and rebuild them, but it's not working. \resource\Dialog\SharedElements.rsc NumberEditDescription spinnerEditSmall { ElementDescription _border = "SharedElements.rsc:sunkenBorder"; int _minWidth = 32;//change to 72 int _rightPad = 2; int _leftPad = 2; Font _font = "Font\FontSmall.rsc"; int _initialValue = 0; int _maxLength = 4;//change to 7 int _minValue = 0; int _maxValue = 9999;//change to 9999999 bool _allowNegative = false; } NumberEditDescription spinnerEditSmall5 { ElementDescription _border = "SharedElements.rsc:sunkenBorder"; int _minWidth = 32;//change to 72 int _rightPad = 2; int _leftPad = 2; Font _font = "Font\FontSmall.rsc"; int _initialValue = 0; int _maxLength = 5;//change to 7 int _minValue = 0; int _maxValue = 99999;//change to 9999999 bool _allowNegative = false; } NumberEditDescription spinnerEditSmall6 { ElementDescription _border = "SharedElements.rsc:sunkenBorder"; int _minWidth = 42;//change to 72 int _rightPad = 2; int _leftPad = 2; Font _font = "Font\FontSmall.rsc"; int _initialValue = 0; int _maxLength = 6;//change to 7 int _minValue = 0; int _maxValue = 999999;//change to 9999999 bool _allowNegative = false; } resource.rsc "\Dialog\SharedElements.rsc:spinnerEditSmall" "\Dialog\SharedElements.rsc:spinnerEditSmall5" "\Dialog\SharedElements.rsc:spinnerEditSmall6" Do I miss something?
  6. Thanks, Artisan. The vendor logic of taking goods based on goods flags and we can't create new flags which the original game never gave us. In summary, I can't create a vendors only taking "Wool" or some specific goods. Is that right?
  7. Hi all, I have read the information about Resource Depot here. According to the article Introducing the function of Resource Depot, I still have some question. 1. The prototype of Resource Depot is Trading spot and the worker type is trader, so Resource Depot follows the rules of trading building. It means that if the raw materials are stored in Resource Depot, no one can use them. 2. If we need a building like a market, we can not design the ui which can be set specific items and its quantity. If we design the ui which can be set specific items and its quantity, the worker type can not be vendor. If he worker type of the building is not vendor, but trader, no one can use raw materials which are stored in this building. 3. Can we create new goods flag?
  8. I would like to let the stockpile which is from original banished mod "storageYard.rsc" be stored "Material" type goods. I just changed _storageFlags to "Fuel | Wood | Stone | Iron | Material" and rebuild this session. StorageDescription storage { RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Fuel | Wood | Stone | Iron | Material; bool _areaBasedLimit = true; bool _available = true; int _volumeLimit = 2500; } It didn't occur any bug or crash during rebuilding .rsc file, but it didn't work when I reinstalled .pkm file and started in a new game. Do I miss something?