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Found 45 results

  1. As was said in another thread, I don't know when MegaMod will be updated for Banished 1.0.7. It may be a little while. But I did make a small compatibility patch mod. 1.0.7 Compatiblity for MegaMod 0.07 It should allow you to use MM and the new CC with 1.0.7. It's very very beta. It shouldn't crash anything, but things might not work as expected. Let me know when you find the bugs.
  2. I have tried @Discrepancy's new field that is in MegaMod. It is almost the same color, and has nice parallel plow lines on it. It has a bit different size limits and limit of max 6 (or 8? 10?) builders. (not sure if there's a max on workers once it's built; my fields are pretty consistent 15x7 with at most 3 workers.) I noticed though, that snow does not cover this new field. I will be sticking with the old field due to this, and wondered if it is intentional? Or will be 'fixed'? Or maybe was made specifically for climates without snow...?
  3. I looked around and found the od that akes 0.07 compatiblle with 1.0.7 but what is the latest cc version I can use with mm? one person said: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.74 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack \another said: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.71 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack will 1.75 wotk with .07?? or only 1.71? or 74? Want to get back to playing and I got 3 of my friends to start playing and they will start cc and mm soon so wanted to get the new latest. thanks for the help
  4. That moment when you start a new game to play with 1.0.7 and CC7.2 ... and you realise how many mods in MegaMod were part of your usual playstyle ... and you only have CC at the moment. @.@ my marble! my minibuildings! my dense tree shack! ... why won't that storage patch go away? What resource is salt part of now!? Which mod that I tried to put back just crashed the game!? ;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some. What things are so much a part of your game play you get confused when they aren't there?
  5. I know this isn't the correct place to put this, but since Colonial Colony is having a revamp I figured this would be the best place to put this while things were being shuffled around. I started playing the MegaMod last night and I decided to build a town arrival in my brand new village. Last night when I clicked on the town arrival it would pop-up the info screen and work fine. Today while playing whenever I build any town hall mod and click on it after it's been built my game crashes. I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this? I was also hoping someone had a suggestion. The only other mod that I have running with MegaMod is No Smoke. I have No Smoke above MegaMod. I also wanted to say that I think everyone at Black Liquid is doing a fabulous job. Your hard work has considerably improved my experience with Banishes. Please let me know if there is any other information that you need. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. Hi! first of all thx for all the work done in assembling the MM. I was playing a bit and notice that the scale of houses from Mexican fantasy during the last contruction phase is out of porpotion, the constructing building appears oversized. There is already na image of this in the gallery by QE. I don't know if this is already a bug on kids mod or olny in MM. Thx
  7. View File MegaMod Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 95 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 11/26/2016 Category MegaMod  
  8. View File MegaMod Deco Pack Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. About: Why is this a separate download? As I was building this version of MegaMod, I came across a little problem. Whenever I would compile a mod that was larger than 2GB, the game wouldn't load. I could load several mods that, combined, are more than 2GB, but it would never load a single pkm file that was larger than 2GB. It would give a memory allocation error during the game load every time. So, it needed to be split up somehow. The general idea behind MegaMod was to have it all combined, so this wasn't an easy decision. But until Luke can address this (which he may be working on already), a split version will have to suffice. What is in this mod? The entire MegaMod Decorations Toolbar is included in this mod. It is not in the mod titled MegaMod. To get everything, you need both of these MegaMod mods. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 02/12/2017 Category MegaMod  
  9. I am using the MegaMod and no other mods and banished seems to be crashing alot randomly, i have started a new map as well and it still crashed, it is usually when im clicking things when it crashes like adjusting the workers jobs. I have uploaded my crash.dmp. crash.dmp
  10. I'm a little bit confusd. There's Colonial Charter, and there's the MegaMod. Should I be running both of them? Is one included in the other? How does this work?
  11. how do i convert iron from iron ore? or do i have to do that at all?
  12. Well the title say it here is the shoort toolbar I simply cant make it work with the megamod. Any solution?
  13. I have attempted installing multiple versions of megamod into my GOG version of Banished that I have running through Wineskin on my mac. It shows up in game, but there's no description shown, modlist, and when enabled it does nothing. Confused as to why it's not working at all, as all other mods I've tried up to this point worked just fine. Any advice?
  14. What are the differences between say Trade Sheep and Regular Sheep? I'm trading with merchants and I get the option for either Trade "x" or just a Regular "x" with X being an animal type. I assumed the trade sheep were purely for trade, but it seemed like I couldn't put them back into my trader to trade off and they started reproducing. Do they just act like normal sheep but a different name?
  15. I'm currently trying out MegaMod but I'm wondering why my two other Mods are conflicting. I thought they shouldn't be? The two other mods I'm running are More Terrain: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345803966 Increased Resources Combination: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346165316 More Terrain seems to work as it should be, but Increased Resources Combination doesn't seem to be working at all. I am noticing resource yields after harvesting trees, stone and iron to be like vanilla instead of the yields that I remembered the mod to yield. Is there a work around to get IRC to work? Thanks.
  16. I attempted to install megamod the other day but have ran into a slight issue, none of the modded items appear in game. I have placed the file into the windata folder and when I launch the game I see the icon and version number for megamod in the mods list, however there is no title or description for it. When I click the little x to activate the mod it is highlighted green and the game attempts to reload. When I launch a new map though none of the modded content is there.
  17. Here's a great idea: We need a reference volume for all the things one can do with Banished, CC, and MegaMod. It would be fairly simple to take the material from the Wiki, add in the specific products a building can produce, and compile it all into a PDF. I would volunteer to do it myself, but you guys have the source material. We don't need a bunch of fancy graphics, just a simple icon-based design style and then the pertinent facts. For example, a page that tells all about the Market Soup Kitchen, including an icon, materials/work required, staffing, and a list of the recipes with ingredients and amounts needed. Then a page break to the next page. This book would be a serious aid to planning better towns and cities. My wife and I are serious Banished addicts now, and would love to print out the Book , double sided, on our printer, and put it in a 3-ring binder to keep at our desks. That's how much we are into this game. We've been taking notes in a notebook, but there's just too much. This is a serious idea, not just a passing thought. We would volunteer to help out any way we can. Your thoughts? -John
  18. The Market Soup and BBQ Grill are both unaffected by CCNoSmoke. IOW, they still produce smoke from the chimnies. Thanks! -John
  19. So I downloaded the megamod for Banished. The game crashed when I would quit, but I didn't think much of it, I was quitting so what did it matter if it crashed then. Now Banished will not start. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it, and unsubscribing to the megamod. Neither did anything. I just want to play my game again, help?
  20. Here is the list of mods that are included in MegaMod v0.07 This is the list from v0.06: