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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I know the mod team already have a huuuuuge amount of work on their hands and I respect them hugely for what they do, so in saying that, please let me add, if you would like help, I'm happy to. My thoughts from the last couple of days, especially since the new flags etc have been released and mods are getting updated to reflect the changes, I was wondering about linking items to their respective flag/limit category in the wiki. Either by the miraculous MM CC link (can it be programmed to also direct to a flag / limit page?) or, by manual link to their respective wiki page, and on that particular wiki page would then be listed what else is in that limit. eg: Feathers (this is what sparked this thought process): Flag/Limit: Miscellaneous (Prior to CC 1.72: Material) {here the 'Miscellaneous' would be linked to the actual Flag/Limit (sub-category) /Miscellaneous Storage: Barns / Carts When the user gets to the 'Miscellaneous' page they would also see Reeds etc on it Also, if there is some ambiguity about storage, then also the storage type, as above. This is just an idea, and if you like it, but time is an issue, I can volunteer.
  2. A Big THANKS to @estherhb who has been on regularly quietly restoring our community wiki. Ive only had time to add a few entries myself. The new wiki allows anyone to add entries and edit existing ones (new entries are subject to review).
  3. Threads are automatically added to this part of the forum when their corresponding wiki entry gets created. All comments on wiki entries will appear as replies in their appropriate thread in this forum section. For this reason you are unable to make new threads in this section as it is all automatic. If you have a suggestion for the wiki, please use the suggestion thread. The wiki is a proper wiki, any member can add to it or edit it and it stores revisions. Commenting on any wiki entry in this part of the forum also updates the comments section below the wiki entry itself on that part of the site (forum comments and wiki comments are the same thing, and appear in both places - i hope i explained that right ;) ) Thank you