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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've started a new series of Banished CC 1.76, with no other mod, with a lovely map with short winters, so any crop will survive, and where being badass in Banished and beating it on Hard and Harsh+ surrunded by moutains in a desert, or something, to impress is not the goal, but where I try to fully understand the production chains of this wonderful mod, and how the production chains are connected to each other. Building all in CC that make sense to build, while caring about my bani's every need. I've already noticed a good amount of views (10 each day is extraordinary for me), likes and positive comments about learning the mod along with the viewers, to have a look at what the experts here write everytime I'm trying to learn something new, and a positive/constructive comment from someone to me about a video feel wonderful and make me want to finish what I've started. And my goal is 900+ Bani's and also a nicely decorated map where everything needed is being produced. Here's a good map of seed 69, that is impossible to find anywhere else on the web: But to the point: I'm hoping for some visitors from these forums, to get advice on how to procede. I'm a bit unsure if the sizes I'm using for pastures, orchards and crop fields are the right dimensions, and I'll be really thankful for anyone pointing out potentional errors, impeovements, or suggest things to build next. All such suggestions will be followed as long as it won't be counter-productive for the village, and as well as I'm able to do. I'll write answers to this post for every new video posted, with a summary, like I do in the video-description.
  2. It may be a bit hard to tell, but this the latest background image for my monitors, two 42" tvs, side by side. I had a couple rip roaring migraines lately, and wanted a perfectly dark solid color, but windows 10 is a bit of a jerk. So I made my own camera scroll folder with these. they are just the right black to soothe my head, and the little loading at the bottom reminds me of one of my favorite things to do: Banish. Now all I need is the soundtrack to play very very quietly while I try to sleep, and my head balm would be complete...
  3. I do enjoy the classics, but I find that I lose my zen when one pops up. Is there a way to have the original soundtrack? Many thanks
  4. So, I'm running Journey, having a pretty good time with my village of 150-ish people. But my cotton production has dropped and I can't figure out why. :-\ Until recently I've just had one 11x11 plantation going for cotton. Like clockwork, it's produced 868 a year, until a few years back, when it dropped to 310. There have been no infestations, no severe weather changes that I've noticed, and none of the other crops or plantations have had any dropoff. I poked around... finally noticed the farmer for that field was miserably unhappy despite high overall happiness in the town. Okay, mystery solved.... right? I swapped laborers around, made sure the new farmer was educated, had steel tools, and was at max happiness/health. Settled back assuming I'd fixed the issue. But no, another year goes by, and the harvest is still at 310. I check the farmer: everything's fine there. Mildly perplexed, I switched out a neighboring plantation's sugar cane and the cotton. The sugar cane grew fine; even in the new field, the cotton carried on at a sluggish 310. I've built a second cotton plantation and that one is also producing only 310 worth of cotton a year (despite educated, happy, excellent tools, excellent clothes farmers in both plantations). What's going on? Does production just start dropping at a certain point in the game and I've hit that point? All of my other fields, orchards, plantations, etc, are still producing steadily at the 800+ mark a year. :-\
  5. Hey, I'm running CC 1.71 and in the Themed Sets--> Town Decorations menu, there's "Planter Bases" in several sizes/shapes. It says they're decorative bases for trees and flowers... but once I get them built, I can't place decorative trees or flowers into them (but can place decorative trees/flowers on bare soil). Am I misunderstanding what they're for? Do they grow their own trees/flowers with time?
  6. Please don't condemn me, but I am having a tough time deciding which game to play today. I picked up some EPs for Cities Skylines a while ago (they were on a good sale), and have been enjoying the new content. Steam workshop for this game is great. The mods and custom content for CS rival any game I have loved, even sims 3. The community on steam however, sucks. No one there is as generous, communicative, or supportive as the fine folks here at Black Liquid. so I made a list with two columns, Banished on one side, CS on the other... to help me decide...
  7. What always gets me is how roads end with a square tip. It would be nice is we could have a placer piece that is rounded at the end. They would cost whatever the normal road square costs, but take 2xs more work (cause you know prefection is an art).
  8. The headline tells pretty much everything. Heres my crash.dmp :-) THX crash.dmp
  9. What are the differences between say Trade Sheep and Regular Sheep? I'm trading with merchants and I get the option for either Trade "x" or just a Regular "x" with X being an animal type. I assumed the trade sheep were purely for trade, but it seemed like I couldn't put them back into my trader to trade off and they started reproducing. Do they just act like normal sheep but a different name?
  10. I'm currently trying out MegaMod but I'm wondering why my two other Mods are conflicting. I thought they shouldn't be? The two other mods I'm running are More Terrain: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345803966 Increased Resources Combination: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346165316 More Terrain seems to work as it should be, but Increased Resources Combination doesn't seem to be working at all. I am noticing resource yields after harvesting trees, stone and iron to be like vanilla instead of the yields that I remembered the mod to yield. Is there a work around to get IRC to work? Thanks.
  11. Couple of things that aren't common knowledge : Every person consumes 100 units of food per year regardless of age. Children don't take tools from storage until they reach working age. You'll notice they take coats and food though. The game does an internal check every 3 months where it updates happiness and health for your people. A negative event such as no grave or switching job may not add to unhappiness at first, until this update occurs. Building houses near mines is a bad idea, as mines and quarries reduce happiness. Changing someone's profession, including making them a labourer when they used to have a job, will add to unhappiness. Harvesting occurs according to seasons or when a crop/orchard reaches 100% When an item, such as wheat, tools or anything, is dropped on a road tile, that tile will forever lose its speed boost. For this reason I leave a 1 tile space around my tight orchards.
  12. So... this happened last night, very odd. I was using the Mexican Housing set, and it was just ... well, you can see what happened. Screenshot48.bmp
  13. Here's a great idea: We need a reference volume for all the things one can do with Banished, CC, and MegaMod. It would be fairly simple to take the material from the Wiki, add in the specific products a building can produce, and compile it all into a PDF. I would volunteer to do it myself, but you guys have the source material. We don't need a bunch of fancy graphics, just a simple icon-based design style and then the pertinent facts. For example, a page that tells all about the Market Soup Kitchen, including an icon, materials/work required, staffing, and a list of the recipes with ingredients and amounts needed. Then a page break to the next page. This book would be a serious aid to planning better towns and cities. My wife and I are serious Banished addicts now, and would love to print out the Book , double sided, on our printer, and put it in a 3-ring binder to keep at our desks. That's how much we are into this game. We've been taking notes in a notebook, but there's just too much. This is a serious idea, not just a passing thought. We would volunteer to help out any way we can. Your thoughts? -John
  14. So I downloaded the megamod for Banished. The game crashed when I would quit, but I didn't think much of it, I was quitting so what did it matter if it crashed then. Now Banished will not start. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it, and unsubscribing to the megamod. Neither did anything. I just want to play my game again, help?