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Found 13 results

  1. I'm running a settlement with both CC1.75 and RedKetchups Medieval Town active. When making any type of tool using either of the 2 blacksmith models available e.g. wooden tools, stone tools, rough tools, iron tools, they are produced without problem, get stored using the correct tool name and icon but as soon as a citizen collects one from storage they are shown as carrying "Steel" despite me not producing this type of tool and having no "steel tools" in storage or traders or anywhere whatsoever. All my citizens are like this. I have forced my settlement purposefully to run out of tools and then generate again but this doesn't solve the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm assuming it's a mod compatibility issue. *EDIT* PROBLEM SOLVED, the issue is with the Medieval Blacksmith from RK's mod, as soon as I deleted it my citizens were assigned with the correct type of tool.
  2. The Village Barn (I believe it's from CC) won't store Domesticated Animals The Town Tithe Barn won't store Bonemeal. Same goes for the Small Village Barn. Is this a Megamod issue or a Ridiculous Storage issue?
  3. I am a newbie to Banished, but I enjoy a challenge and played my first ever games with the megamod installed on Adam And Eve mode which I love. I have been doing reasonably well but my trading post has developed a bug which I'm unable to resolve. The problem is, a family of trading horses have set up home there, they refuse to leave and goto the pasture I created for them and have now been there a few years. I've even purchased other animals since and they leave but the horses are still there. You even see baby horses appear there. It gets to the point the post is unusable as I get a notice saying there is no space left to trade. Occasionally you'll see a villager take one or 2 of these horses away, but then more are born. Is this a known bug or what have I done wrong?
  4. Has anyone been able to get this mod to run on a Mac? I used PlayOnMac to install the game -- and the game itself works -- but whenever I try to enable the CC mod it goes to a black screen and then the following error message pops up: A fatal access violation has occurred in VideoDX9-steam-x32.dll and the game cannot continue! I've disabled VSync and I have no saves to remove. I can enable other, smaller, mods, but CC is the one that I really want to get back to playing. If anyone has had success getting it to work without creating a partition, please let me know.
  5. Hello there, I'm playing with CC 1.62. I'm asking here for some help. I'm stuck with a “Square Large” planter base. I can't build what I want to with this square in middle of everything. ( See screenshot ) What happened ? I built a "Square Large" planter base. I made it impassible. ( The icon to make it impassible tells it will be possible to remove it the "regular" way ). I'm now stuck with it. I don't know what to do to delete it. I really don't want to start over right now… Can someone help me ? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hello, when a trade boat arrives at my Trading post my game crashes. It also crashes when I click on the Trading Post. This started when I was using version 1.0.6 and got the CC mod through Steam. Since then I have subscribed to the beta version 1.0.7 on Steam and downloaded CC 1.75 and it is still crashing. Has anyone had this problem or been able to solve it? The mod is great, but this is making it unplayable!
  7. Hi all, Not sure which particular mod the ability to trade deer came from as I do have the BL "Deer as Livestock" by BL, but don't know if it was included in MM / CC as well. @Kralyerg, the icon image for Deer is missing in the trader menu (as below). I also can't confirm if it's the same in the Vanilla Trader, or if it just happens in the custom trader as I've only had them come to the custom trader.
  8. I'm playing with the CC v1.71 and I've noticed what appears to be a bug: Whenever I construct new housing, existing families (man, woman, children) are being split up to populate the new home, rather than allowing new adults to start their own families. They might even be taking other people's children with them. It seems to split by gender most of the time, though I've found a couple of exceptions where a father will leave the mother and take his daughter with him, etc. Unless we've introduced divorce into the game, this seems to be a game-breaking bug. I can't build new homes without breaking up fertile couples and new families cannot start. This kills my population growth. Is this a known issue that was fixed in the latest versions of CC?
  9. i use Discrepancy's DS Roads inincluded in MegaMod, because i like the look of tiled plazas there is a slight problem and i'm reporting it as a bug but i've got no idea how to contact Discrepancy directly. mixed roads use 1 wood and 1 stone. putting down mixed roads has no cost in stone, and will be made up even when i have no stone stockpiled. i don't think this is working as intended. any help in sending this to the modmaker would be really appreciated, thanks. tracey
  10. A case of The Emperor's New... Shingles? The tailors in my town have been petitioning me for years to permit a Seamstress's guild to get the suffragettes out from under their feet. Against my better judgement, I capitulated and ordered the construction of a place the girls can call their own. The loudest and least-pleasant among them put up a sign out front claiming to offer Leather Coats in addition to other finery. The darndest thing though is that on their list of requirements, they demanded only Firewood and Currency. Suspecting they intended to run a cat house, I had my people pay attention over this past year. There's been a lot of activity with absolutely nothing to show. No firewood collected, no coats delivered, and no "happy customers". I'm really quite perplexed. Perhaps you could send some inquisitors to take a look? I dread to think that they're practicing witchcraft in my town, but I must concede the possibility. tl;dr Created a Seamstress Guild. Product list includes Leather Coats made from (10) Firewood. Let it run for a year. No firewood delivered, No coats produced. Didn't try the finery as I have neither silver nor gold.
  11. I've noticed in a new game using CC 1.62 that builders would not build when all ressources were available and stockpiled. They would spend most of their time acting as normal laborers, picking up ressources and shuttling them to a nearby stockpile. I've focused on several builders during that process and it does say 'xxxx (name) builder is picking up ressources' and so on just as if they were a laborer. Anything wrong here? or might I have missed another post that answered that issue?
  12. As title, have not had to harvest iron ore for most of the game. No matter how much iron I make, iron ore isn't depleting. The number stays exactly the same. Save is attached... would love if there was a way to fix this so I can get back to non-cheat mode ;-) Save7.sav
  13. So I downloaded the megamod for Banished. The game crashed when I would quit, but I didn't think much of it, I was quitting so what did it matter if it crashed then. Now Banished will not start. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it, and unsubscribing to the megamod. Neither did anything. I just want to play my game again, help?