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Found 2 results

  1. I am not sure it can be done, or how it works for each type of building, but I have always wanted to assign more than two builders to pastures. Farm fields and orchards may increase the number of builders to as many as I want, I guess so I can get them cleared fast and start growing so folks don't starve. Other buildings have 1 to 5 or 6 builders each and use my available builders according to proportion and priority, and I can set the max number of builders lower (but not higher) than the "cap" number. But pastures are limited to 2 builders no matter the size, and take for-freaking-ever... If the argument is they can't produce food as quickly, then why are orchards (which take game years to produce) allowed many builders? And when the animal provided is chickens, they DO start to yield food quickly (eggs) more quickly even than crop fields, as eggs seem to start right away, while crops take the season. I love to make 30x30 pastures and when they're done, I raise the number of herders to 5. With storage and butchers nearby, they're pretty happy and efficient. But I sure do wish they could be built by more than 2, and take less than 3-5 YEARS... Any idea if this is moddable?
  2. I've noticed in a new game using CC 1.62 that builders would not build when all ressources were available and stockpiled. They would spend most of their time acting as normal laborers, picking up ressources and shuttling them to a nearby stockpile. I've focused on several builders during that process and it does say 'xxxx (name) builder is picking up ressources' and so on just as if they were a laborer. Anything wrong here? or might I have missed another post that answered that issue?