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Found 2 results

  1. It would be a stockpile but have a roof over it to protect it from the elements. Wouldn't want my firewood getting all wet. -Not completely enclosed, half or 3/4 walls maybe. Front would be open. -made of wood -Roof covering I know there are the specialized warehouse variants that are essentially that but the covered stockpiles would be early-game as they wouldn't require any building supplies, just some logs.
  2. I just started playing the Colonial Charter: Journey mod and I am loving it. As I was playing I has an idea for how to improve expandable buildings. Building expansions – like the Conservatory, Lean-To buildings, and Cellars – could gain some benefit from being built on expandable sections of other buildings. House expansions would normally have an extremely high fuel consumption, but this would dramatically decrease with each section of the building that matches an expandable section of another building. Storage expansions would have little or no maximum capacity when placed on their own, but would increase maximum capacity with each section that matches an expandable section. Lounging-area expansions could be introduces – such as caryatids or similar wall-mounted statues or fountains – which would similarly increase the happiness they provide. To implement this, I imagine the placement/pathing map for buildings would need two new states: Expandable and Expansion. Expandable sections of buildings would require flat terrain and would block pathing (similar to how normal building sections behave), but while being placed would be marked with four squares; one square in each corner. The Expansion sections of buildings could be placed anywhere (even over water or extreme elevation) and would not block pathing, and while being placed would be marked with a +; the + should appear to fit between Expandable sections’ square markings. While placing a building, any Expandable sections would normally be colored cyan (instead of green) if it is a valid placement, or red if invalid. Similarly, Expansion sections would normally be yellow. These section types would only be green it they overlap with their opposite type. This idea may be beyond the capabilities of a mod at the moment, but maybe you could pass it along to Shining Rock if you like it.