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Found 28 results

  1. Version 1.62


    A complete gameplay expansion. After countless hours of development and testing, we are proud to bring you Colonial Charter 1.6 - The Forge Awakens Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. Installing: Disable/Delete any previous version of Colonial Charter, enable Colonial Charter The Forge Awakens in the mod menu. NEW GAMES ONLY: CC: The Forge Awakens does require a new game. Introduction: New content is everywhere in this release, almost doubling in size from New Frontier. We expanded the mining and industry options considerably, provide new and beautiful options for your town/village whilst enhancing and optimising the decorations and existing trees from past versions. We also provide a range of new crops whilst splitting the old duplicate crops off into their own addon pack. In CC: The Forge Awakens you'll mine for tin and copper, build an array of new and beautiful homes and get family and industry set up right on top of the lakes and rivers. An all new quay wall construction system will allow you to create seamless designs of any style. Farming inedible crops gets a whole lot easier, build a plantation for your cotton/flax/tobacco/etc and adjust your dry goods limits accordingly. There is a whole host of new buildings and options, and we've tweaked existing buildings to be more crisp without sacrificing performance. A lot of features have been simplified whilst at the same time becoming more complex, allowing for a large number of options. Constructing new buildings for the most part no longer requires large chains of bricks, glass, joists etc. Whilst we havent removed any of these resources from the game, they are now used to create generic Building Supplies - essential for any advanced construction project. We hope you'll enjoy playing Colonial Charter 1.6 - it was a lot of hard work involving many hours of creation and testing. Easily our most challenging mod to date. Friends and family were ignored for prolonged periods of "One... More... Turn..." as well as "I think this would look good... what happens if we add this new feature?". We hope to put the same amount of distance between you and your loved ones this holidays, for all the right reasons of course! Special Thanks in no particular order to the following people: Mystitsu, Paeng, Vrayna, Denis de la Rive, Mizana, RedKetchup, OwlChemist, kica, Rageingnonsense, Delver, MrFlopsie, Maal (any names missed, not on purpose!)
  2. List of resources in Colonial Charter. If you're using CC 1.71: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/uploads/monthly_2017_01/Icons1.7.png.c8524bf6f957eaa3bee0e4a526e2598e.png
  3. EDIT 13Dec16: Note that the "Medium Map" title on the image is from the mini-map mod I am using and is not the starting conditions. Hi everyone, after adding some comments to the poll for what would we like to see in CC version 1.7, I figured I should try and post some screenshots of the two map types I mentioned in that thread. I like the larger maps because I like to make a few villages and one or two small towns on the map. These two particular types also give large lake areas that don't look like the normal Banished "circle lake". Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 777, or Map Seed - 999 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map. Map Seed 777 Map Seed 999
  4. A space themed DLC. To make an off world colony. Air as a required resource (Like food). Themed buildings. Etc.
  5. Colonial Charter 1.75 is available for download. Rearrage Refined Production toolbar to better reflect the new resource flags and limits. Fix general markets that should not be storing Luxuries Allow Trading Posts to set autopurchase for new resource flags Add new subtoolbars for Market Stalls, Market Carts, Specialized Storage Barns No real big changes. Just some minor updates. Unless there's some big bugs that are found, this should be the last update to the 1.7x line.
  6. Hi all, I like playing on large maps and currently my bannies are dispersed over the map, like I have the main town and smaller settlements all around for specific tasks (like a miner's village, a farmer's settlement etc). Transporting all the goods from those tiny villages to my main town takes a lot of time and since I'm quite new with the MegaMod, I haven't discovered all the possibilities yet. But I wanted to ask you guys if there is anything to provide a faster and more convenient transportation method? For example, one of my villages is near the main river, like the other, so it would be nice to like ship goods between those settlements over the river. I heard of the ChooChoo mod included in the MegaMod but I haven't tried it yet. And also river transportation would suit the style better imho (my bannies are not so advanced yet ).
  7. Hi, Im new play Banished and cc, really enjoyed using cc because give me more profesion and new building than vanilla version. Really enjoyed playing this game until year 3, i running out of tools, and i tried build a blacksmith but it stuck. Because the build icon says 90,what means of that 90? So, must i build 90 things before i able to build a blacksmith? Regards, Snthe
  8. Have you ever wanted to use just a single aspect of Colonial Charter alongside your other mods, without the enormity of other options that comes with it? Soon, this may become a reality. If you head over to the Downloads area, there's a new section called "Colonial Charter Modular". This will house the different pieces of CC that are created as standalone mods. Right now there's only a few things, but more will come.
  9. Version 1


    Gives you the toolbar option to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds. Place Below CC.
  10. i think it would be a good addition to receive shipment orders from the motherland 1 it would add a new layer to the colonial charter concept a reason for sending your bunch of pioneers out 2 a random shipment request system with rewards based on value of requested items or on the loading of the shipment you can request specific resources 3 could make it so you have to make the ship at the shipyard to give it an added feature would like to hear other players thought on this concept
  11. List of temperatures used in Colonial Charter.
  12. From the album Poyens

    Map Seed: 824582559 Terrain Type: [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size: [CC] Very Large Yellow box shows starting location By way of some explanation for the way the town is laid out, I favour the "organic" approach to town planning. I tend to group areas in "stages of growth" so that the more sophisticated buildings such as those found in CC (e.g. the fancy houses) start to appear in the fourth stage of growth. In the following images I'm at the second stage of town growth, the first stage was the initial "quick & rough" buildings found in mods such as Plimoth Plantation, Forest Outpost and Nordic Log Cabins. I like the eclectic (some might say chaotic) look formed by different districts as they have been added by growth stage rather than the well laid out and planned, built-by-grid approach. This gives me a distinct "old town" district because I don't upgrade the older styles of CC building to newer CC styles. When I want the newer CC building I'll place it in the appropriate sector of the town and upgrade it immediately it has finished being built.
  13. From the album Poyens

    Tom Sawyer's chicken coop might appear to be a little small for the yard but I dont think he intended it to be used at maximum size! At maximum size it will hold the around the same number of fowls as a vanilla stock paddock of 8x15 squares. I really like the chicken coop if for no other reason than it gives another alternative to the vanilla stock yards plus it's a really good looking mod! To keep the chickens from wandering into the nearby residential area, a brushwood fence from Discrpancy's DS Fences and Decorations ver: 1.2 was built around the yard with gates provided from the CC town decorations menu. This image also shows homes and school from Kid1293's Rowhouses mod and next to them can be seen RedKetchup's Old Tailor House (another of his really neat, two part mods that allow you to place a residence above the workshop so that you can set it within a market radius without losing a house)
  14. From the album Poyens

    This image was specifically to show the textures from the different cropfields that can be made with different mods. In it you can see the CC Plantation field (dark earth colour), the DS Small Village: Production (beta) Village Crop Field (tan colour, the colour is like the vanilla cropfield but with some slight texture changes so that it is distinctly different to the vanilla cropfield when you see them side by side) and the NMT3.0Series texture for the vanilla crop fields (light brown with green tinge). The NMT3.0Series texture will overwrite all the vanilla cropfields so make sure you want that to happen before you decide to use it - or install Discrepancy's DS Small Village: Production (beta) to enable two different colours!
  15. From the album Poyens

    The original starting position is located where the two small cropfields are placed near the Viking Storage Vault. Once the population started to grow, the townsite expanded to include the area at the bottom of the image. Discrepancy's Celtic House and Tom Sawyer's Nordic Houses gives the area an "old town" look (i.e. more primitive!) than the "new town" (which makes use of Discrepancy's Small Village and Kid's Rowhouses to give a less rustic look).
  16. Hi there I've taken to building 3+ lane roads lately (late to the party styling my villages) and have been enjoying using the Market Carts, I think they're excellent and with the ghosted deco items, your horses and @Ketchup's horses in his mods, I've been developing a terrific little road system. The problem I have come face to face with though is that they are solid, so I can't place them on roads. I've had the workaround of using the ghosted road tile square to place in, but the problem lies in that I can't use different roads from other mods (the tiles don't match them all), and that it's just ... not on a road. Would it be possible to please in the next installment upgrade them to being on a road tile? Or, release them as a separate market mod as a road tile / ghosted market, please? And, if possible please add a diagonal version, and a couple more texture choices? Edibles market cart + a couple of extra ones: protein, grain, fruit & veg, etc Add: textiles / clothing / tools I know there's a bit of work involved, so will accept any decision, but, there's no harm in asking either Thanks for reading!
  17. So the title says it all. Recently I got trade horse from trading post, but somehow that trade horse is not listed in my inventory. On the other hand, I tried to build pasture to see if I can breed those trade horses first. It works, but those trade horses are invisible. You know, empty pasture but with horses sound in it. Thanks.
  18. CC 1.74 is now available for download. Little Changelog: Fix Edibles Market storage bug Fix Precious Mine limit bug Added Market Carts for Construction, Minerals, Raw Materials, Industrial Fuel Added Market Stalls for Crafted, Forged, Fabrics, Misc, Precious Added Storage Cellars for all new Limits Added Materials Warehouse for Construction, Minerals, Raw Materials, Industrial Fuel Added Small Barn specialized storage for Crafted, Forged, Fabrics, Misc, Precious Fix Stable to use Misc Limit Fix Wild Shepherd to use Misc Limit Allow Clear Tree to remove Hardwood Trees Just so everything is clear, because there's bound to be questions: There should be a Storage Cellar for every limit. Luxuries, Clothing, Construction, Crafted, Fabrics, Food, Forged, Fuel, Health, Industrial Fuel, Minerals, Misc, Precious, Textiles, Raw Materials, Tools. There should be some kind of market for all the limits. Generally, if it normally goes in a stockpile, it should now have a Market Cart. If it normally goes in a barn, it should have a Market Stall. There should be a specialized storage for the new flags. Crafted, Fabrics, Forged, Misc, Precious. These all use the Small Barn model. Eventually, these will probably be changed, but I thought it was best to have *something* rather than wait to make new models for each one. There should be special warehouses for the flags: Construction, Industrial Fuel, Minerals, Raw Materials, in addition to the Iron, Fuel, Stone, Wood ones that are already there. These new flag warehouses use copies of the models of the existing ones. The bigger warehouse, which was called the "Materials Warehouse" is now called the "General Warehouse" and is flagged for all 8 of these flags (everything that normally gets stockpiles)
  19. How was new maps made and what is used to generate new textures and all?
  20. Now that there's all the different new custom flags and limits and such, I know there's going to be specialized stockpiles for a lot of them. But would it be possible to include one that only takes wood, stone and iron (ore)? That way when I'm clearing large swathes of land for settlement, my nearby stockpile doesn't pick up random stuff from back in the main town. (ps, lumber seems to be stored in the minerals stockpile right now? I expected it to go in construction.)
  21. So, CC 1.73 is available for download. Hopefully it should fix most of the bugs. I went onto Steam this morning, and it appears that Luke has disabled Steam Workshop uploads while the game is in beta status. So I can't upload this to Steam at the moment.
  22. Hello ! I'm downloading the mod CC 1.73 (file ColonialCharterJ.1.73.rar, here). But I have two little problems : step 1 : when I click on "Download this file", a GoogleDrive page displays : "Small problem... A problem occured with the preview..." (I translate from French). After, I click on button Download of the small window (step 1), the download begins but my browser does'nt know the file size " Time remaining indeterminate " (I translate from French). Have other people had this problem? Thanks ! AdeJ P.S. Is it possible to indicate the file size next to link to download please ?
  23. The update for Colonial Charter 1.72 is available HERE It's a small update as far as content goes. It does fix a few bugs, but the main difference is that it now utilizes the new flags and limits introduced in Banished 1.0.7. This update does require you to update your game to the 1.0.7 beta in order to use it. I don't know if this will be savegame compatible with CC 1.71. It probably won't crash your game, but weird things may happen, because almost every buildings has been slightly changed. You can probably use CC 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 together, if you put CC 1.72 on top. Just be aware that MM 0.07 has not been updated for 1.0.7 yet, so weird things will probably happen. New Flags and Limits: After discussions between RedKetchup, Discrepancy, Kid1293, Necora here is some info on the new flags and limits that we have come up with. In order to maintain maximum compatibility, we're all going to attempt to use the same basic categories for the new groups.
  24. Hi to all! I am in need of a bit of advice. I am still playing 1.0.4 version of Banished (with CCNF), and if or when I update to 1.0.6 I am not sure wether to download CC 107 or MM. It would seem that MM already contains CC, but would it be better ( more stable gameplay ) to use MM alone or to go for standalone CC Journey? Any input is appreaciated :-) And, of course, all thanks to developers!
  25. like many banished players, i have 'favorite' seeds. (i am still in the mood to count up from the beginning, and today i'm going to start 58.) the screenshot with boats going in both directions is map 56. i wonder, how much does changing things like terrain type, climate, or starting conditions also change the map? number of trees, plenitude of stone/iron, proximity of hills/mountains for mines, size/location of lakes streams, do all these change for one map seed when i change from verdant to marsh? from matacapan to zhu zhi? does the seed number determine boat direction or frequency? verdant/matacapan is one of my go-to's but other seed numbers with same settings did not have boats going in both directions. (which seems also to include boats going past trading posts without stopping.) it's one of my favorite parts, seeing what i got. i enjoy the beginning just a bit more than the maintenance...