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Found 2 results

  1. Banished 1.07 + MM8.01, no other mods (ever), fresh game My 11x11 cotton plantations (tried normal "crop" as well) are yielding about 65 per season. My tobacco plantations are closer to the expected norms (700 last season) My farmers are 5-star happy, educated, using steel tools, live right next to the plantation with a barn. This isn't just one cotton plantation, it's all of them. I've tried resting them for a year, deleting/recreating them, adding a second farmer, enabling/disabling "pickup" - no changes always about 65ish
  2. So, I'm running Journey, having a pretty good time with my village of 150-ish people. But my cotton production has dropped and I can't figure out why. :-\ Until recently I've just had one 11x11 plantation going for cotton. Like clockwork, it's produced 868 a year, until a few years back, when it dropped to 310. There have been no infestations, no severe weather changes that I've noticed, and none of the other crops or plantations have had any dropoff. I poked around... finally noticed the farmer for that field was miserably unhappy despite high overall happiness in the town. Okay, mystery solved.... right? I swapped laborers around, made sure the new farmer was educated, had steel tools, and was at max happiness/health. Settled back assuming I'd fixed the issue. But no, another year goes by, and the harvest is still at 310. I check the farmer: everything's fine there. Mildly perplexed, I switched out a neighboring plantation's sugar cane and the cotton. The sugar cane grew fine; even in the new field, the cotton carried on at a sluggish 310. I've built a second cotton plantation and that one is also producing only 310 worth of cotton a year (despite educated, happy, excellent tools, excellent clothes farmers in both plantations). What's going on? Does production just start dropping at a certain point in the game and I've hit that point? All of my other fields, orchards, plantations, etc, are still producing steadily at the 800+ mark a year. :-\