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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, when a trade boat arrives at my Trading post my game crashes. It also crashes when I click on the Trading Post. This started when I was using version 1.0.6 and got the CC mod through Steam. Since then I have subscribed to the beta version 1.0.7 on Steam and downloaded CC 1.75 and it is still crashing. Has anyone had this problem or been able to solve it? The mod is great, but this is making it unplayable!
  2. Recently got back into playing banished again and I've been having some issues. First I was having crashing issues with the wild animal gatherer crashing the game any time they found an animal. I've since fixed that by disabling all mods that added any resources (grow carrots, grow roots, grow herbs) and its now fixed. However, every time I build a hunting cabin and assign a hunter, the game crashes as soon as they find a creature to harvest. Is this another issue with incompatible resources? If so, are they any mods you know of off the bat that are conflicting with the animal resources the hunter gathers? As of right now I have CC 1.7, More Stone, Wood, Iron, Iron is iron, blacksmith tools, Tropical Greenhouse, DS Small Village, Mini Buildings, hot crops, DS roads, Town arrival nomads, castle storage, and colorfoul 2 floor houses.
  3. Hey guys, I just started a new game with CC: Journey 1.7 yesterday and I went to load it up today and it keeps crashing giving me a Fatal access violation error. It crashes when I click on my town hall(default) or my Industrial Trading post. Some buildings are ok to click on and it doesn't crash, but it consistently crashes with at least these two. There could be more that is crashes with, but I don't have time to load the game over and over clicking through all the buildings. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this or a fix for it? Here is the error message: I only have CC: Journey and the Terraform SUPER BETA 0 mods installed.
  4. I am using the MegaMod and no other mods and banished seems to be crashing alot randomly, i have started a new map as well and it still crashed, it is usually when im clicking things when it crashes like adjusting the workers jobs. I have uploaded my crash.dmp. crash.dmp
  5. The headline tells pretty much everything. Heres my crash.dmp :-) THX crash.dmp