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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1


    Enables the Debug toolbar option.
  2. ...so does anyone know what the custom0 through custom9 are supposed to be assigned to? are they not yet assigned? can i assign an item to one of them for myself? yeah, i know i don't really understand modding or how the flags, etc. work. sorry for my ignorance. just curious, there's all these new buttons, and they seem to do nothing.
  3. When I want to just have fun designing a lovely town, I do use the debug menu to 'cheat' additional food and supplies for my banished folks while they build. But yesterday something weird happened. Normally when you add 1000 items via debug menu, it only increases the number of items that were already present. In other words, if your town has never grown, produced or traded for an item, it should not appear in your storage when you use the debug menu. But as you can see from the inventory lists pictured, I suddenly ended up with very small amounts of MANY items, rather than the extra 1000 potatoes I expected to get. Additionally, not all (or even many) of the crop foods increased. Only items well along the production chain appeared, like tinned fruit and copperware. I think this might be related to either my map seed or maybe the quay storage buildings? Either the map has a fault or the quay storage somehow unlocks stuff. I'm leaning toward the map seed explanation. Have you ever experienced anything similar?