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Found 4 results

  1. Version 2.0


    DS Bridge Crossing - v2.0 **NEW VERSION -- 01 March 2018 Adds 6 Bridge Crossings that can be built over streams, rivers, or even lakes. Toolbar location: - 'Mod Collections toolbar' - 'DS Mods' - 'Roads, Tunnels & Bridges' - 'Bridge Crossings' Build a drag-able (from shoreline-to-shoreline) Bridge Crossing: - Rough Log Bridge (2 logs + 2 work per tile to build) - Log Bridge (3 logs + 3 work per tile to build) - Covered Log Bridge (5 logs + 4 work per tile to build) - Stone & Log Bridge (2 stone + 2 logs + 4 work per tile to build) - Town Stone Bridge (5 stone + 5 work per tile to build) - Guard Tower Bridge (2 stone + 3 logs + 5 work per tile to build)
  2. From the album Poyens

    Tom Sawyer's chicken coop might appear to be a little small for the yard but I dont think he intended it to be used at maximum size! At maximum size it will hold the around the same number of fowls as a vanilla stock paddock of 8x15 squares. I really like the chicken coop if for no other reason than it gives another alternative to the vanilla stock yards plus it's a really good looking mod! To keep the chickens from wandering into the nearby residential area, a brushwood fence from Discrpancy's DS Fences and Decorations ver: 1.2 was built around the yard with gates provided from the CC town decorations menu. This image also shows homes and school from Kid1293's Rowhouses mod and next to them can be seen RedKetchup's Old Tailor House (another of his really neat, two part mods that allow you to place a residence above the workshop so that you can set it within a market radius without losing a house)
  3. From the album Poyens

    The original starting position is located where the two small cropfields are placed near the Viking Storage Vault. Once the population started to grow, the townsite expanded to include the area at the bottom of the image. Discrepancy's Celtic House and Tom Sawyer's Nordic Houses gives the area an "old town" look (i.e. more primitive!) than the "new town" (which makes use of Discrepancy's Small Village and Kid's Rowhouses to give a less rustic look).
  4. Does anyone know where the 6-person houses from DSSV v1 went in DSSV Houses v2?