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Found 4 results

  1. How do you get that elusive last half-heart or half-star, to achieve perfect health and happiness? I'm on my usual roll, playing nice easy spacious agricultural cities. working up to 750-1000 folks with TONS of food and supplies, getting my layouts just right, then moving on to the next map. Rectic (weird name - maybe too close to rectum) was up to ~550 folks, with 44444 foods (symmetry is also very pleasing to me) when I realized all that was left to do was grow. Except that last bit of heart or star.... Rectic has parks, bars, libraries, hospitals, cemeteries, statues, plenty of trees, flowers and deco, fully fed, educated and clothed folks, variety of menu, leisure, occupation, well maintained roads, plenty of storage, healthy trade, etc. i have given them utopia, so why the hell aren't they perfectly healthy and happy?
  2. Version 2


    Makes all buildings that produce happiness have a purple radius circling it. Nothing is actually changed in the radius area or happiness behavior. This only creates a circle that you can see. It was always there, just invisible. Place above CC or NMT to use.
  3. I do not know if the statue of a dude holding a hammer in this fountain is Thor or not. Doesn't really matter. It is an awesome fountain, and nudges folks' happiness up a little bit. thank you
  4. Version 2


    Makes all buildings that produce unhappiness have a red radius circling it. Nothing is actually changed in the radius area or unhappiness behavior. This only creates a circle that you can see. It was always there, just invisible. It's mostly the Mines/Quarries and industrial buildings that have an unhappiness affect. Place above CC or NMT to use.