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Found 1 result

  1. TIP: Build storage yards! All of them! I've been playing with CC 1.72 and a lot of mods remade for build 1.0.7 and one thing I have noticed is that I have been overlooking a simple but important aspect of the new game. The new resources require new storage, we know this from what the CC team have mentioned but while everything is still new to us Players, it's really easy to forget this. I lost a lot of bonemeal before I realized I needed a separate type of storage for it and I have just spent three seasons waiting for Necora's Pine Cider Press to be built because although I had lumber providers (the Sawpit from CC and the Pine Lumber Cutter from the Maritimes mod - I built both because for about 20 minutes I thought maybe the two types of lumber were different!), lumber was not being delivered to the construction site. The reason was simple enough once I realized it... the lumber needed the Construction Materials storage yard and I hadn't built one. So the 80+ units of lumber I had made were lost because they could not be stored anywhere. So the moral of the story is, there are small but very significant changes to the game due to the new resource flags. Explore the new resource chains before thinking something is bugged. Build the new storage yards, otherwise your new resources will be lost. P.S. I'll be posting this over at World of Banished as well where my user ID is TheOtherMicheal (that ID is a small tribute to a friend who committed suicide some years ago) so there's no need for any worry that someone is stealing my post from here!