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Found 3 results

  1. Hello from one of the newest members here. First of all, thanks for all the hard work from the modders community, I have been enjoying CC and MegaMod for the past week (only played vanilla until then) and I feel like I am playing a totally new Banished game, incredible work. I just have two quick questions as someone who's new to these mods: What is the purpose of creating hunting and fishing gear in a workshop and how do these resources work? And what can I do with flowers? Thank you, Damien
  2. Recently got back into playing banished again and I've been having some issues. First I was having crashing issues with the wild animal gatherer crashing the game any time they found an animal. I've since fixed that by disabling all mods that added any resources (grow carrots, grow roots, grow herbs) and its now fixed. However, every time I build a hunting cabin and assign a hunter, the game crashes as soon as they find a creature to harvest. Is this another issue with incompatible resources? If so, are they any mods you know of off the bat that are conflicting with the animal resources the hunter gathers? As of right now I have CC 1.7, More Stone, Wood, Iron, Iron is iron, blacksmith tools, Tropical Greenhouse, DS Small Village, Mini Buildings, hot crops, DS roads, Town arrival nomads, castle storage, and colorfoul 2 floor houses.
  3. Hi all, Wow, what can I say, I finally got to start some new maps this time around, thanks to @Kralyerg, @ShockPuppet (the rest of BL devs) and @Discrepancy I now get to have Discrepancy's fishing bridge on other maps now, so, I get to play on a whole new level! I am thrilled!! So, now what ... I have lazy hunters! Oh my, seriously! When I load a new map using the All the Wild Things (Easy) - (yes, I like it easy especially when I start & trash so many new maps whilst mods are in beta) I then let it run for a little and watch where the animals move and set up hunters accordingly. I use both static hunter buildings as well as the "Go Hunting" mod. The thing is ... The hunters just aren't getting a mix of animal resources, and I seem to getting far more duck meat than any other. My leather count is low (even though I have the Leather booster mod from BL), and I'm not getting a range of meat. Duck, charki, and sometimes others, but no venison (even though there are deer), and very rarely beef, even though I plant a hunter right near where they graze. I noticed in another thread @estherhb used the term "gatherer", it may just have been "one of those things", but, I just wanted to check - am I missing something, or, do I really have lazy hunters? My bannis are starving, even with up to 6 hunters on the map. Cheers ps: I am loving the new map types, fabulous work team!!!