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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I wanted to bounce a couple of questions off you all, the collective group of brain power may be able to help me 1) I have read that using folder links (I use them for other apps as well) to have your Save folder be located elsewhere (ie Dropbox or Google Drive folder) is a 'regular' thing, I can set that up without a problem, but, can the same be said for the Mods folder, the WinData folder, in the Steam folder tree? Can I say, as an example, have the following setup: dropbox/blah blah/entertainment/media/games/data/banished/resources then sub-folders: downloads; notes; Saves/Banished/Save (& Screenshots); Mods/WinData; Other The WinData folder then is linked to Mods/WinData and the Documents/Banished/Save is linked to -----/--/--/--/Saves/Banished/Save OR, can the WinData folder not be linked in the same way? 2) How does the game cope with renaming save files? Can you add letters to them? Example: I have sets of save games from 3 different computers, all different maps, I want to merge them all, but there are the same numbers in each (1-10 etc), can I rename them with their Map ID name or PC shortname? Save01_PC1.sav; or can I only use numbers, and renumber them all? 3) Coming back to saves & mods, I was thinking about doing the following (call me crazy, I feel it), but I want to put together little batch files so I can swap in & out my mods depending on the map I want to use. Because not all mods are save game compatible, and I then lose my 100+hrs on a map because I want the new 'pretty', I sometimes want to go back to that map, and I don't want to flap about with mods etc. Can mods & save games just be moved about at will, or are there complications? Scenario: I have a dedicated folder with sub-folders of map save games: data/blah/Banished/saves/maps -- map names I want to play my old map "Genius", I open the folder, pull the save files & drop them into the Documents/Banished and there they are ready to play. Can I do the same for the mods? So, to make it easier for me, I would write a batch code for each map where the following happens: a) check WinData & delete existing files b) check Save folder c) copy files from /map/saves to Save; /map/mods/WinData to Steam/WinData and /map/Screenshot to Banished/Screenshots d) run Banished.exe Essentially my game is preloaded with the map & saves I want to play and the mods that I used for that map. Lastly: Are the mod names (.pkm) integral to the mod itself, or can the mod name be changed? eg: windmill.pkm, becames: windmill_v102.pkm This way I may be able to bypass step 3 because I can keep multiple mods in the folder, just with their version details added. I would love it (my organiser in me) if there was a naming standard for devs, I know, you guys do it tough already, but it just makes things neater in my folder Haha! A couple of modders already do it, initials before the file name & version at the end. bb_item_v102.pkm Phew, that's a lot. tl;dr: can I rename mods & save games; can I move them about as I need to. Cheers & safe travels!! QE