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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Map seeds, is there a pattern to them? Is there a format for certain content? For the last few maps I've been getting sheep, I had one chicken last week, but it's been sheep, sheep & more sheep, and whilst I do love sheep as a starter, I was wondering if there is anything in the seed sequence that determines the animals? I know with some mods they 'assist' in the determination of the animals, but if I don't specify a 'start' with the animal, and I leave it to random, how does it generate? Cheers
  2. like many banished players, i have 'favorite' seeds. (i am still in the mood to count up from the beginning, and today i'm going to start 58.) the screenshot with boats going in both directions is map 56. i wonder, how much does changing things like terrain type, climate, or starting conditions also change the map? number of trees, plenitude of stone/iron, proximity of hills/mountains for mines, size/location of lakes streams, do all these change for one map seed when i change from verdant to marsh? from matacapan to zhu zhi? does the seed number determine boat direction or frequency? verdant/matacapan is one of my go-to's but other seed numbers with same settings did not have boats going in both directions. (which seems also to include boats going past trading posts without stopping.) it's one of my favorite parts, seeing what i got. i enjoy the beginning just a bit more than the maintenance...