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Found 1 result

  1. I've been playing banished since late 2014, and started using CC when Curse of the Golden Llama 1.4 just came out back in March of 2015. And I always personally hated using market places. They take up so much space and have such a large footprint and have very little storage for there massive size. so they don't even hold a lot of whatever they are holding and distributing. Really that is my only complaint about them, they have so little storage space by per tile for the space they occupy, and for the area they service the don't cover a very large area going off of (market footprint)/(total area serviced) the larger markets' cover and occupy a large percentage of the area they cover to what they service. And the small ones are nice for there size to the area they cover but then you have the problem of lots of citizens doing essentially nothing and the amount of stuff they hold is only enough for 2 people worth of food to carry. I watched a market cart before and it would constantly go from 9%-100% to 0 to 100% full capacity nonstop. Okay I'm kind of ranting and not explaining my main purpose, the point of this post is, how useful or not useful are marketplaces? I have done games and built city's before with no to barely any marketplaces. I tend to just not build them but sometimes I do. Just encase maybe they help in some way. Or are they purely just cosmetic? And then I tend to not even staff them at all if I do build them. I just want to know do they actually help with productivity or don't? I wanted to run an experiment or if anyone knows already. if I build a network of marketplaces that overlap with each other do the vendors take stuff from other marketplaces to put it in theirs? I tend to build mass production centers. all food production in this area, all clothes produces in another all tools produced in another and all mining in a corner. Another question is, if they are useful and I should build them, which is the best one? has the most storage? Or is best for servicing a large area for its size? I tried finding as much information as I could before this post; but most of all the market buildings don't have complete info on there storage capacity on them in the megamod. Only a few of the marketplaces have there data in the data sheets. Along with a lot of other missing data. That I am experimenting and trying to figure out myself. Thanks in advance for any replies or help, would really appreciate it. Especially since the beginning of me playing banished I've always never was for the large market place, looks nice but... P.s. This was written at 3am in the morning/middle of the night hope you can read it and understand what I'm trying to say