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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, first of all thanks to the devs. for developing these awesome mods. I have an issue however. I use both MegaMods (the one with CC and the Deko Mod) and when i enable both the Deco Mods seems to override some content from the other MegaMod. No change if I reverse the order of the mods. Can someone help me? Plus it seems that I only get trade animals, is this a bug or do I need to built a specific trader? Would appreciate some help
  2. Hi to all! I am in need of a bit of advice. I am still playing 1.0.4 version of Banished (with CCNF), and if or when I update to 1.0.6 I am not sure wether to download CC 107 or MM. It would seem that MM already contains CC, but would it be better ( more stable gameplay ) to use MM alone or to go for standalone CC Journey? Any input is appreaciated :-) And, of course, all thanks to developers!
  3. Hi all, Wow, what can I say, I finally got to start some new maps this time around, thanks to @Kralyerg, @ShockPuppet (the rest of BL devs) and @Discrepancy I now get to have Discrepancy's fishing bridge on other maps now, so, I get to play on a whole new level! I am thrilled!! So, now what ... I have lazy hunters! Oh my, seriously! When I load a new map using the All the Wild Things (Easy) - (yes, I like it easy especially when I start & trash so many new maps whilst mods are in beta) I then let it run for a little and watch where the animals move and set up hunters accordingly. I use both static hunter buildings as well as the "Go Hunting" mod. The thing is ... The hunters just aren't getting a mix of animal resources, and I seem to getting far more duck meat than any other. My leather count is low (even though I have the Leather booster mod from BL), and I'm not getting a range of meat. Duck, charki, and sometimes others, but no venison (even though there are deer), and very rarely beef, even though I plant a hunter right near where they graze. I noticed in another thread @estherhb used the term "gatherer", it may just have been "one of those things", but, I just wanted to check - am I missing something, or, do I really have lazy hunters? My bannis are starving, even with up to 6 hunters on the map. Cheers ps: I am loving the new map types, fabulous work team!!!