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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I have been experimenting with making a mod, and it will come as no surprise that in my lack of experience I have so far failed to get it to work. My goal is to add a simple red mushroom to the game, based on the original mushroom, which also gives the 'mushroom' material when harvested by a gatherer. I have collected the original texture and AO files using TexMod, and edited them according to my wishes. I tested these by having them replace the original mushroom textures, and this worked perfectly. Now however, I am trying to turn it into a new natural resource, which is where the trouble started. I think I have all the files and have referenced the mod correctly when loading the game, but the red mushrooms refuse to grow. For full disclosure, the files in my mod folder are as follows: ../RedMushroom/Models/RedMushroomMesh.rsc ../RedMushroom/Models/MaterialInstance/RedMushroom.png ../RedMushroom/Models/MaterialInstance/RedMushroom.rsc ../RedMushroom/Models/MaterialInstance/RedMushroomAO.png ../RedMushroom/Models/MaterialInstance/RedMushroomAO.rsc ../RedMushroom/Models/MaterialInstance/RedMushroomTexture.rsc ../RedMushroom/Template/NaturalResourceRedMushroom.rsc ../RedMushroom/Texture/AOTexture.rsc ../RedMushroom/Texture/ModelTexture.rsc ../RedMushroom/RedMushroomResources.rsc I am refering to the Mod in a .bat, which loads the game with no error messages: EDIT: sometimes it does give me an error message on the RedMushroomMesh.rsc file, saying it failed to compile. bin\x64\Application-x64-profile.exe /ref RedMushroomResources.rsc /pathres ../RedMushroom /pathdat ../RedMushroom/bin All the mushroom files were copied from the original mushroom, and only changed to refer to 'RedMushroom' files where they refered to 'Mushroom' files. The only exception to this is in the 'RedMushroomMesh.rsc' file, which still refers to the original mushroom mesh file (herbs.fbx). I suspect that this is where my problem lies, but for now I have no way of knowing for sure. Another possibility I thought of is that the mod is actually working, but that it somehow still uses the textures of the original mushroom. I haven't found any way to refer to the Model/MaterialInstance/RedMushroom.rsc in any of the other files, though this seems to be a common occurence. Would anyone please be so kind to guide a lost wanderer out of the shrooms?