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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone use the mod manager? How does it work? Where does it go? Can I use it with CC1.76 or just by individual mods. Can I use the mod manager, and the mod manager in the banished game provided? Also, do I need the .sub files in the Banished WinData file? What does it do if they are removed?
  2. I am not sure it can be done, or how it works for each type of building, but I have always wanted to assign more than two builders to pastures. Farm fields and orchards may increase the number of builders to as many as I want, I guess so I can get them cleared fast and start growing so folks don't starve. Other buildings have 1 to 5 or 6 builders each and use my available builders according to proportion and priority, and I can set the max number of builders lower (but not higher) than the "cap" number. But pastures are limited to 2 builders no matter the size, and take for-freaking-ever... If the argument is they can't produce food as quickly, then why are orchards (which take game years to produce) allowed many builders? And when the animal provided is chickens, they DO start to yield food quickly (eggs) more quickly even than crop fields, as eggs seem to start right away, while crops take the season. I love to make 30x30 pastures and when they're done, I raise the number of herders to 5. With storage and butchers nearby, they're pretty happy and efficient. But I sure do wish they could be built by more than 2, and take less than 3-5 YEARS... Any idea if this is moddable?
  3. That moment when you start a new game to play with 1.0.7 and CC7.2 ... and you realise how many mods in MegaMod were part of your usual playstyle ... and you only have CC at the moment. @.@ my marble! my minibuildings! my dense tree shack! ... why won't that storage patch go away? What resource is salt part of now!? Which mod that I tried to put back just crashed the game!? ;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some. What things are so much a part of your game play you get confused when they aren't there?
  4. Does anyone know where the 6-person houses from DSSV v1 went in DSSV Houses v2?
  5. I'm obviously biased, so this will all be written with CC in mind, but it should be transferable to any mods. First, a little background information. Banished loads mods from the top down. So the very top mod will be fully loaded, then the second from the top, and so on. If two mods conflict, the mod that is one top will be fully loaded, while the lower one will not load the conflicting portions. If you enable a mod, and it stays green, it doesn't matter where it is in the load order, because it will be fully loaded no matter what. So the rest of this will be with conflicting mods in mind. To know whether a mod has to go above or below CC, you just need to do a little critical thinking. There's basically two kinds of mods: an Override mod, and an Add-on mod. I kind of just made these names up, but their descriptions are apt. An Override mod is something that changes an already existing element of CC. An Add-on mod is something that adds a new function, like a new building or crop. Override mods need to be loaded Above CC, so that they are fully loaded, and the conflicting portion of CC is not loaded, so only the Overrides code is running. If you want to load, for example, the Ridiculous Storage mod, then you have to think, 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it changes an already existing element, namely the storage capacities of the buildings, it's an Override mod. So you place it above CC. Add-on mods need to be loaded Below CC, because they require a piece of the CC code. This actually brings up an interesting point. One mod can borrow the resources of another mod, but only if it is loaded below it. If you want load, for example, the new Stable mod, then you have to think 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it has a brand new building, with a brand new function, it's an Add-on mod. So you place it below CC. This is a good example of mods sharing code. In the Stable mod, the code for the Domesticated Animal doesn't exist. It's borrowing it from the main CC mod. But if you were to load the Stable above CC, the game would crash because it can't find the Domesticated Animal. In the code for the Stable, there exists an empty placeholder that says ""Here's the Domesticated Animal code"" but it's a big empty hole. When the mod is compiled, it throws up an error that says ""Hey, this spot is empty"" and I just tell it to ignore the error. So if it's placed below CC, when CC is loaded the Domesticated Animal code is loaded. And then when Stable is loaded, since the Domesticated Animal is already loaded, the game won't load the empty Domesticated Animal code, and everything is good. But, on the other hand, if Stable is loaded first, then the big empty hole is loaded first, and when CC is loaded, it won't load the good code, because the game thinks it's already loaded, and it will crash when you build the Stable. So. If that makes any sense, then you should have a general understanding of whether or not to load things above of below CC. tl;dr: Overrides go above. Add-ons go below.
  6. Hi all, I wanted to bounce a couple of questions off you all, the collective group of brain power may be able to help me 1) I have read that using folder links (I use them for other apps as well) to have your Save folder be located elsewhere (ie Dropbox or Google Drive folder) is a 'regular' thing, I can set that up without a problem, but, can the same be said for the Mods folder, the WinData folder, in the Steam folder tree? Can I say, as an example, have the following setup: dropbox/blah blah/entertainment/media/games/data/banished/resources then sub-folders: downloads; notes; Saves/Banished/Save (& Screenshots); Mods/WinData; Other The WinData folder then is linked to Mods/WinData and the Documents/Banished/Save is linked to -----/--/--/--/Saves/Banished/Save OR, can the WinData folder not be linked in the same way? 2) How does the game cope with renaming save files? Can you add letters to them? Example: I have sets of save games from 3 different computers, all different maps, I want to merge them all, but there are the same numbers in each (1-10 etc), can I rename them with their Map ID name or PC shortname? Save01_PC1.sav; or can I only use numbers, and renumber them all? 3) Coming back to saves & mods, I was thinking about doing the following (call me crazy, I feel it), but I want to put together little batch files so I can swap in & out my mods depending on the map I want to use. Because not all mods are save game compatible, and I then lose my 100+hrs on a map because I want the new 'pretty', I sometimes want to go back to that map, and I don't want to flap about with mods etc. Can mods & save games just be moved about at will, or are there complications? Scenario: I have a dedicated folder with sub-folders of map save games: data/blah/Banished/saves/maps -- map names I want to play my old map "Genius", I open the folder, pull the save files & drop them into the Documents/Banished and there they are ready to play. Can I do the same for the mods? So, to make it easier for me, I would write a batch code for each map where the following happens: a) check WinData & delete existing files b) check Save folder c) copy files from /map/saves to Save; /map/mods/WinData to Steam/WinData and /map/Screenshot to Banished/Screenshots d) run Banished.exe Essentially my game is preloaded with the map & saves I want to play and the mods that I used for that map. Lastly: Are the mod names (.pkm) integral to the mod itself, or can the mod name be changed? eg: windmill.pkm, becames: windmill_v102.pkm This way I may be able to bypass step 3 because I can keep multiple mods in the folder, just with their version details added. I would love it (my organiser in me) if there was a naming standard for devs, I know, you guys do it tough already, but it just makes things neater in my folder Haha! A couple of modders already do it, initials before the file name & version at the end. bb_item_v102.pkm Phew, that's a lot. tl;dr: can I rename mods & save games; can I move them about as I need to. Cheers & safe travels!! QE
  7. do any of the players and/or creators here use mods made by folks other than the Black Liquid folks, or those folks included in MegaMod? i didn't like the way orchard ground color is too bright when i played Northern Pines so i went looking for something like "transparent fields." didn't something like that exist? or am i thinking of 'transparent pastures'? anyhow, i did not find a transparent field/orchard mod, but i did happen to see something called seasonsfx at banishedinfo.com, by a creator called KrazyKiwi. i also saw something called Beautiful World for CC by Owlchemist, but it sounded like some of its features are already in CC/MegaMod (reeds, etc.) my questions are: does anyone here use seasonfx? is the version at banishedinfo.com still working? (it's 2 yrs old, but i could not find it on steam at all...) any suggestions on placement? above both CC and Mega? i have got other workshop stuff working fine with both CC 1.71 Journey and MegaMod v6, but they're mostly buildings and decorative content. (i like the japenese stuff, forest deep stuff, i see fire, xmas trees, etc. thanks for any suggestions http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/267-SeasonFX
  8. When you load two mods and they turn red, it does not mean they are incompatible, or will crash your game. It's just a friendly warning that the two mods are trying to use the same file and that only the mod that is on top on your mod list will be fully loaded. Here's an example. In Colonial Charter, we have a barn called the Bank Barn. It has a storage of 30,000. I made another mod called Ridiculous Storage that, among other things, increases the Bank Barn storage capacity to 150,000. When you enable both the Colonial Charter and Ridiculous Storage mods, they will both turn red. This is because they are both trying to use the Bank Barn storage information at the same time. But obviously they can't both be loaded. So whichever of the conflicting mods is above the other on the mod list will win. By putting the Ridiculous Storage mod above Colonial Charter, it will overwrite the default Bank Barn storage and work wonderfully. Just about every one of the official add-on mods for Colonial Charter is going to give you a red incompatibility warning. These mods are specifically designed to override CC settings on purpose. On the other hand, there are mods in the above link that require pieces of Colonial Charter to run, and must be place BELOW CC, in order to borrow files from it. If you try and use these mods in the wrong order, they will absolutely crash. It's actually fairly difficult to cause such a conflict between two mods that it will crash the game, as long as they are loaded correctly. Obviously not all mods can work together. If you try and load the More Stable Population mod along with 1:1 Aging, only the mod that is on top of the other will be loaded, since they both manipulate the same variables of the citizens lives. All you really need to do is pay a little attention to your mod list load order, and everything should be great. If this didn't make sense, or anyone has any questions, I would be more than willing to talk more about this. TL;DR: Mods turning red is probably just fine.