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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, first let me say, I love you MODDERS all equally, you have brought so much to this great game. Peat bogs for fuel, and possible early game requirements for roofing, sale price 2, as it takes two workers to retrieve, or one worker, max size of six by six tiles. My reasoning is, that early settlers used peat bogs for fuel in reality. But we don't want to have to rely upon this , so maybe make a time limit on how long a bog lasts, as that reflects realism. I doubt very much that a terrain could be added to just have random bogs, but that would work as well, make it a gathering thing. Have to gather as peat moss is not a building site. kinda like a mountain isn't a building site. for those who choose not to use a boggy site, they could just erase with a terrain tool. Next would be cows dropping paddies. Again, this was a job my Uncle had as a small kid, searching the pastures for cow paddies. Grandma used the paddies for outdoor and indoor during lean times fuel. Plenty of lean times in the Depression era. Basically, dried cow manure makes great long slow burning fires, exceptional for overnight stoking of household hearths. I suppose one could make trade value of one or two for the cow paddies, but really it isn't so much a trade item as a use now item. Could even have a chain attached. one to pick the paddy, one to dry the paddies on racks, then you could up the value of them to three, as it is using three workers to get. One in the pasture raising cattle, one picking, one drying, or make it just one worker to pick and dry.? As for the peat, that would require one worker to pick and storage. But many blacksmiths preferred peat fires due to the long slow burn and high heat values over firewood, which would go up and down heat values. This isn't an idea, but a question, Why does processed food, like tinned food sell so cheap? I have workers to mine the tin, then a worker has to process the tin, then another worker has to gather the food to go to the tinnery and another worker there to gather the tin and the food not to mention the firewood/charcoal or coal to feed the fuel refiner into furnace fuel. All to make 3 trade in the T.P.?? how is that helpful? I can just sell the processed Tin, make better trade on it. Same with jam. Glassware is expensive, not only just to build, but even to buy, But once a preservist uses it, the finished product sells for practically nothing. I could go on forever about the processed foods, but enough to say, I don't process food anymore, due to the poor returns I get from it. I can sell the unprocessed items to buy foods from the trader for better values. I also don't understand why furnace fuel is so cheap either, it is another labour intensive product, requiring foresters to get the log, the woodcutter or stacksburner to process into firewood or charcoal, or a coal miner, to feed the fuel refiner. All of these products are cheap to buy and sell, but shouldn't be cheap at all. I don't see the value in it at the trading post really, other than Firewood selling for 4.
  2. For those here that aren't members of Word of Banished, I'd strongly recommend joining that group. There's a small but interesting collection of mods there that aren't found elsewhere and Red Ketchup has released two more that are rather impressive The first is Training Camp and it has wood palisade sections to make defensive walls, hunters watchtowers for collecting food and skins (including some new types not found elsewhere and work with Red's Wood Butcher mod), some deco pieces of armour stands, archery targets, training dummies and banners, new mouses... err, houses (tents) and ghost sheds (that will fit over small stockpiles), a field hospital (large tent) and some others. Found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=178 The second is Creepy Cemetery and is essentially a collection of wall pieces to surround the fenceless cemeteries found in CC. It also has a small crypt as a ghost deco. Obviously the wall sections can be used anywhere and they'll look great in any "upper class" part of town for example. Can be found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=179