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Found 1 result

  1. As I promised in my introduction, I will have a lot of questions, and so, it begins.... I am completely new to Banished, CC, and the entire builder\resource management game genre. So far, I've had about 5 false starts, mostly with the vanilla game, but a couple with CC as well. My last restart was because I couldn't find the fishery (which I found later, not realizing at first that the menu had more sub-menus). This leads to my first question: As a newb (sorry, but I find "noob" derogatory), should I begin with the vanilla version or CC (I cannot run the MegaMod on my laptop)? To help me start, I checked out @ShockPuppet's Getting Started thread. That was a bust (no disrespect towards ShockPuppet as I completely understand and sympathize with time restrictions and project priority). I also read somewhere on the internet that there was a "Getting Started" PDF on the old site, but I was never able to confirm this statement. This leads to my second question: Can someone point me to a good "Getting Started" resource (I don't do well with videos, BTW, preferring text I can refer to later)? Lastly: Is there any specific maps that are considered more newb friendly (personally, I like 777, but I'm opened to others for learning purposes). Any general advise? Thanks in advance! For those who may be interested in some of my work, I wrote a Baldur's Gate HEX Editing Tutorial, a Multiling O Keyboard layout (Android), and a Skyrim archery mod. I have more out there, but most of it is older, like my Morrowind No CD Patch. I don't plan on modding Banished because, for once, I just want to actually play a game without taking it apart! LOL.