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Found 2 results

  1. Hello community, is there a mega mod manual in PDF or in word.file where I can read what buildings I need to build to produce certain products I want? An example: to upgrade a mine I need candles. To produce candles I need building to produce those candles and apiary cause of wax. Hope you understand what I mean. thanks, Y.
  2. Here's a great idea: We need a reference volume for all the things one can do with Banished, CC, and MegaMod. It would be fairly simple to take the material from the Wiki, add in the specific products a building can produce, and compile it all into a PDF. I would volunteer to do it myself, but you guys have the source material. We don't need a bunch of fancy graphics, just a simple icon-based design style and then the pertinent facts. For example, a page that tells all about the Market Soup Kitchen, including an icon, materials/work required, staffing, and a list of the recipes with ingredients and amounts needed. Then a page break to the next page. This book would be a serious aid to planning better towns and cities. My wife and I are serious Banished addicts now, and would love to print out the Book , double sided, on our printer, and put it in a 3-ring binder to keep at our desks. That's how much we are into this game. We've been taking notes in a notebook, but there's just too much. This is a serious idea, not just a passing thought. We would volunteer to help out any way we can. Your thoughts? -John