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Found 2 results

  1. Firstly, just gotta say I love this mod. Most mods are banal, game-breaking power increases with no downsides. This though... First mod in any game that actually made me feel lost when I first played it. Congratulations on that. One pain point I did want to bring up though, with the latest patch that brought in a huge number of new types of materials, most of them have been congregated into only a few resource pools. ( example, Materials consists of half a dozen types crafting components and coal. ) The problem with this is, it's impossible to properly manage mass resource pools and invariably, the resource pool fills up with cheap filler while the mid-game components will not be produced because the resource pool they fall under has hit cap. Especially for pools with vast numbers of contributing basic resources like coal, cotton, wheat, etc it halts production of vital specific resources that lead to much higher quality, later game stuff. ( wheat is a perfect example. Food caps constantly, so no one harvests the wheat, so no flour is made. Meaning no bread. Same for sunflower kernels. No seed oil. Means no lantern oil, which means no mining building upgrades. So on, so forth ). Is it possible to overhaul the resource categories or at least provide ways for individual buildings to be told "ignore the set quota for your resource type. Keep producing indefinitely and never stop"? Thanks!
  2. I posted this yesterday, but I think it this is where the post really belongs. I LOVE Banished and CC. I've spent several hundred hours playing. What I feel the game/mod needs most, is some type of a shipping/receiving depot, or a tweek of the distribution barns. (I mentioned this over on Steam too). My community of 500 has a large agricultural area that supports the surrounding towns and villages, and also provides goods for trade. The game really becomes bottle-necked once you reach a certain level. All my barns are at 100% and I can't seem to get the stuff moved out of the farm lands and into the towns or magazines, nor get it sent out to the industrial areas that depend on certain goods. I tried the distribution barn and love the idea, but I spent quite a bit of time watching workers, and they just shuffle things around and don't really move things out of the area. I've never tried the choo choo mod, so I'm not sure if it's set up to move large quantities from one train depot to another, but that is really something the game needs, a way to move large quantities of goods, longer distances than just the closest storage area, and drop it off at the next depot. The way it is now, workers waste a lot of time wandering around with baskets of goods looking for a place to put it, instead of working. This kind-of defeats the purpose of building little communities next to the farm fields and keeping workers close to their workplace, to increase productivity. If choo choo isn't designed for that, maybe a progressive storage system, with more contral, could be designed that moves goods in a certain sequence... Barn to magazine, then magazine to distribution barn, then distribution barn to markets and specialized warehouses. Maybe a control on each barn/warehouse to toggle between shipping and receiving or both, like the forester has the option to do with cutting and planting. Something to keep the goods moving out. I don't know if this is even possible with a mod, but it sure would make the game a lot more enjoyable and rich. Thanks! In the mean time, I may check out the choo choo mod as a stand alone with CC. I know it's in the mega mod, but I just couldn't get the mega mod to work (crashes on start up). Anyway, I'm hoping the choo choo mod is set up to carry goods to other places, if not, it may be something that could be made to happen. Also, if there is something I'm missing, that's already in game, that will solve distribution problems, please let me know.