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Found 2 results

  1. Wasn't able to find whether anyone else has experienced this. I had a DS Jetty rice planter built near one of my villages, but every citizen who wandered into that rice planter, whether it was a dockworker or a child or someone else, suddenly became homeless as soon as they walked out. This caused several years' worth of population turmoil in my village. They'd occasionally move back into their respective houses, but most of the time they'd just walk around homeless, regardless of whether or not there was a boarding house with available space. Even then, I'd sometimes find that there were three intact families packed into that boarding house that had formerly had homes, only to have been kicked out by some single citizen or single parent. Then when there were houses available, often no one would move in for one or two seasons, even when there were homeless families or several pairs of adult citizens ready to move out and start families. Geographical proximity to these empty houses didn't appear to make any difference. At the end, I'd be stuck with several empty houses, citizens having become homeless for no reason, other citizens divorcing and forcing families out of their homes, and adult citizens refusing to move out from their parents' house well into their 30s. Almost all of this stopped after I demolished that rice planter. Has anyone else had this bug?
  2. Version 1


    Let's you buy Rice Seeds and grow Rice in your crop field. Requires CC to use. Place BELOW CC on your mod list.