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Found 4 results

  1. First off, the variety of commodities is a wonderful thing, truly. Much more interesting towns, layouts, everything is just great. The only problem is, once you start getting into mid game where a settlement has about 100 people, the variety of inventory begins to become very difficult to maintain the limits on. What I mean by that is this. I have a coal mine, a copper mine, and a gem mine going, (which are all required to begin upgrading housing and constructing more advanced government buildings) I cannot specify the amount of coal I wish to have on hand separate from the amount off copper or "gems" (silver) I wish to have. I can only say, for example, I want 500 minerals in all and once that number is reached, all production between those three (or more) stops. An attempt to solve this could be made by producing all three materials equally, but coal is used much faster and more frequently, and attempting to equalize supply and demand is futile. SO my suggestion/ request is: Could it please be arranged so that the limits of each material/commodity can be set individually? Instead of grouping them. That way I could say I want X amount of Coal, and X amount of Copper instead of halting production manually on what I don't want so I can advance. Side note, this problem also occurs with multiple other materials like, Building Supplies, Bricks, Hardwood Lumber, Regular Lumber, as they all share the "Construction Limit"
  2. Would it be possible to make a market that uses a parent building's radius similar to how the NMT forest centre works? This would be fantastic for service single purpose areas, such as foresting districts or clothing production lines.
  3. What is the biggest issue you can think of when it comes to building homes? If you said, "how many to build?" your correct. Part of MegaMod, and Journey is the Immigration Office, a building that only functions to allow nomads in. If it were possible could we have a building that grabs the values of the Homes, and Families. Here is why, I generally find that you can have smooth growth by following a simple math formula: Families minus Homes Divided by 2 equals how many homes to build or (F-H)/2=B With this it insures you have just the right amount of marriages possible to grow the population at an exponential rate. If the building could display the value "B" for number of new homes needed, it would mean smoother homes building control. Now, for you gamer's that are like "ugh just play the game" or "this feels like a cheat". Here is the deal, it won't track homes being built, and might not be possible. If it is it would be a nice tool to have for at least new players. You could tie in production to it by requiring a worker, this would make it "cost" the player more than just being a town hall. Think of it like a town hall annex.
  4. What always gets me is how roads end with a square tip. It would be nice is we could have a placer piece that is rounded at the end. They would cost whatever the normal road square costs, but take 2xs more work (cause you know prefection is an art).