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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, I started a new town a few days ago. Like usual, playing Adam & Eve start, 1:1 aging and at 1x speed. Here are the mods I'll be using in that town (feel free to tell me if you notice something useless or whatever) : I already started an album too. I'll update it after each playing session.
  2. In late 2014 and early 2015, I made a town named Navanthiers. I was already using CC. But I can't remember the version number. Back in that time, I shared the pictures with some descriptions on the old forum. I want to share again with you all the screenshots of that town that have stayed on my website. I made a script to display thumbnails of the images, but you can click on each one to display it in full size, direct link. ( Best on Chrome, feel free to notify me of any bug. ) The town started with only Adam and Eve. Visit: Navanthiers Takit.
  3. My last game, with CC 1.62. The town started with only Adam and Eve, and 1:1 aging, as usual. After 124 years, they are now 177 / 59 / 48. They don't need me anymore. The town isn't perfect at all but I want to share some pics with you. Visit: Winity ( Now, it feels like I have to start a new game with CC 1.75. )