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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This mod is a standalone version of the Flatten Terrain tools as well as the Terraforming mod. Be careful with these, as they can't be undone.
  2. Version 0


    Don't get too excited. There's very limited utility here. So there's a few little options to raise and lower terrain one square at a time. (If you used Denis' trick using the Irrigate mod to lower terrain to make your docks pretty, this is pretty much the same thing, but with a few more options.) It doesn't keep raising/lowering if you click it again. Each time you build it, it will raise or lower it to the exact same level. Sorry, it's late and I'm not good at explaining right now. 1. Here's a little clearing. 2. The different options. Notice that if you lower the terrain close to the water, it will create that flat edge where the water ends. The "Lower 1" is at about the level of the small creeks, and you can see the ground though the water. "Lower 2" is about the level of the rivers and lakes. 3. Even though it doesn't look like there's anything there, there is an invisible "building" there that needs to be removed before you can use that square.
  3. Version 1


    Decorative lowered terrain canal. It doesn't actually serve a purpose and is purely decorative. But it looks kind of nice. Be Careful: The only way to completely remove a a lowered canal is to use the "Remove Building" tool which will get rid of the water texture, but leave the lowered terrain. Then you need to use the Flatten Terrain tool to raise the lowered terrain back to normal.