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Found 4 results

  1. Version 2


    By request Puts the Priority Tool, Remove Structures Tool, and Flatten Terrain Tool on the main toolbar.
  2. Good day everyone,I was playing around with getting my own space on each sub-tool bar, so that I can break my main mod up and release bits independently, with out worrying about multiple placement issues or spamming up existing tool bars.First, I started a new mod, based on the apiary example. I made a trapper. In the 'MyMods/Trapper folder', I added another folder, 'Game' and a file 'NecoraToolbar.rsc' so it is 'MyMods/Trapper/Game/NecoraToolbar.rsc'. This rsc looked like this... Quote You'll see I added a sprite sheet (and associated texture, material etc.) into the 'Trapper/Dialog' folder, along with a string table. The sprite sheet just points to a few 32x32 icons, in this case one, a maple leaf, for each tool bar icon. Same with string table. Quote Quote So now, I can add a tool bar icon to each sub menu, one for housing, food, storage, industry etc.All I need to do, is make sure that these files are in the 'Dialog' and 'Game' folder of every mod I break my big one up into.For example, I made this trapper, then copied the whole Trapper folder, renamed it AnotherTrapper, and three files within to AnotherTrapper/AnotherTrapper.rsc, AnotherTrapper/AnotherTrapperResources.rsc, and AnotherTrapper/Template/AnotherTrapper.rsc. Everything else was left the same. I built and packaged it up.I moved both mods, Trapper.pkm and AnotherTrapper.pkm into my Windata in the steam folder, fired it up, enabled both mods, loaded a game, and the results are in the attached picture. As you can see, there is 1 maple leaf icon in the food tool bar, and both trappers are sitting happily side by side within it, despite both being separate mods. So modders can have their own menu on either the main tool bar or in different sub tool bars, with all individual mods into it with no crashes etc.!Somebody with lots of separate mods please test this!
  3. Hi all, How are the toolbar settings, set? Is there a way to change them at all? Is there a way to change their size, other than the 2 toolbar mods currently available? I have changed computers to game on and I've noticed that since moving all my data & mods etc over to this new computer that my toolbar is "wonky". It is no longer long, the orders of the sub-menu are different, and it's just not how it was. What is annoying that because it is no longer as long as it was the main toolbar is now 2 icons deep, rather than just the 1; the storage is now 3 rather than the 2. And because Steam won't let me have 2 instances of Banished running on 2 different systems I can't tweak settings on both at the same time, ugh. A note on settings: I have tried running on different screen settings, full screen & windowed, as well as different resolutions, largest & smallest, and these changes don't affect the toolbars. I have also disabled a couple of new mods which installed to the main toolbar rather than the sub-bars, and it did make a difference on the main toolbar, but the sub-toolbar, doesn't make sense. Especially when the original game had 30 icons across, now the new 1 only has 22. Please help! This new main toolbar is just unkind!! Images: Game settings, video Game settings, general Mods: Toolbar Buttons (Enabled); ShortToolbar (Disabled) Toolbars: Main toolbar, normal (original) Main toolbar, new (2 rows) Storage toolbar, normal (original, 2 lines, 30 wide) Storage toolbar, new (2 rows, 22 wide) Cheers
  4. Version 1


    This will make your toolbar shorter, to accommodate games that have very long toolbars, but small screen resolutions, to prevent the toolbar (hopefully) from running off the side of the screen.