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Found 8 results

  1. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I searched references to trading post for a long while and didn't see anything asking this: I love the specialized traders, they seem to get boats at higher frequency with bigger loads. But, their staff (5) is too small, especially when the city get over 1000. Regular trading posts can grow to a staff of 20, which makes a difference when auto-trading and/or picking up custom orders which can really get big (biggest one I have seen so far was 85,000 units) It takes 5 workers a horribly long time to put all that stuff away, even when magazines are close by. If 20 seems like too big a staff, I'd go for 10, it would at least double how fast stuff gets put away. Thanks for considering my request.
  2. Trade (building)

    * 30 Silver Pfennig ** 10 Gold Guilder, 1 Hull Component
  3. * 30 Silver Pfennig ** 10 Gold Guilder, 1 Hull Component View full article
  4. Trading post

  5. View full article
  6. I am a newbie to Banished, but I enjoy a challenge and played my first ever games with the megamod installed on Adam And Eve mode which I love. I have been doing reasonably well but my trading post has developed a bug which I'm unable to resolve. The problem is, a family of trading horses have set up home there, they refuse to leave and goto the pasture I created for them and have now been there a few years. I've even purchased other animals since and they leave but the horses are still there. You even see baby horses appear there. It gets to the point the post is unusable as I get a notice saying there is no space left to trade. Occasionally you'll see a villager take one or 2 of these horses away, but then more are born. Is this a known bug or what have I done wrong?
  7. I can't find any dox on "book" brought in by traders. They are expensive! What are they used for? Do they go in the libraries? Thanks! -Johntodd
  8. Version 2


    This is similar to the Super Easy Trading mod. In this mod you have a variety of Traders that carry different things, but they will all accept any item for trade. If you use Super Easy Trading, you do not need Traders Accept All. And if you use Traders Accept All, you do not need Super Easy Trading. Place this mod on top of CC (and other trading mods) to override. V2 Updated for CC 1.6 and Mini Buildings and NMT 2.0